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Focus on peoples: How to DESIGN a new generation of truly open and modular Creativity Support & Research Centers for upcoming generation Digital Kids ? NextGen Centers with enough strong & flexible CORE surrounded with short and long lived modules ?

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Each day you are reading in news about new exciting technologies - this is without dispute - upcoming generation of kids will be truly digital and their perception of Creativity can be radically DIFFERENT to what we offer them today. Current aproaches focus mainly on process like creativity itself or more on technology aspects, but to address such rapid changes we need a new generation of Creativity Support & Research Centers which will closely follow this digital generation in next 20 years -  technology is evolving very rapidly, so can a new generation of Creativity Support & Research Centers be SIMPLY modular like a SpaceLab project is?

If you write interesting roles,
you get interesting people to play them.
Paul Schrader (Screenwriter)

We see coming a new generation of Digital Kids, for which will be very natural to consume and to make with big portion of Visual Tastes.

How we can prepare currently growing generation for this all embracing change?

How we can support them:

 - L to visually Express meaningshelp them to be able to understand and to use in all its complexity and richness various Visual Representations ?
 - L to visually Explain factsextend their communication skills with various aspects of Visual Language ?
 - L to visually Explore opportunitiesinspire them to engage their creativity and innovation for their imagination and make tangible stuff by utilizing various magical aspects of Visual Thinking ?

See attached Connected Triangle Visualization image.

And from opposite side, how we can help them with visualizations better:

     1. Receive Informations ?     2. Gattering Knowledge ?     3. Improve Skills ?

Can we use power of Design Thinking and similar just forming principles to Sense and Visualize typical modeled Personas of upcoming next generation Digital Kids by Highlighting and Summarizing learned on the way lessons from current bleeding edge technology previews together with experimental methodology concepts coming from just establishing multi-disciplinary research laboratories Seamlessly Integrating their currently indeed very diversified primary focuses?

They always say time changes things,
but you actually have to change them yourself.
Andy Warhol (Artist)

In 2014 EU will start Horizont 2020 program, the pan-European scheme to boost Research and Innovation. When you skim proposed long term focus and targets is astounding how much more they primarily focus on upcoming technologies opposite to more clearly declaring support for designers who can commercialy utilize them in very diversified manner.

Today’s 6 years old kids just entering primary school preparation classes will be in 2020 teenagers in adolescent age finally selecting their carrier path:

How we can help most of them truly fully utilize upcoming changes?

How to identify and support individuals with extraordinary Visual Gift?

How we can better adapt their preparation for their future caries paths?

By the way many researchers believe, then we need to more actively look beyond year 2025 horizon and focus also on aspects of employment of younger peoples especially in context of new technologies.

Visualizing Your Way To Changing How You Think & Work (John Caswell)

To find some of these answers we are trying to put together as mosaic a truly multi-disciplinary field independent Visualllab.

In this challenge, we want to create ideas with young people, not for them. Outline how you’re planning to involve young people or other end-users (parents, teachers, etc) in designing, iterating or testing your idea during the Ideas phase.

We are community of communities, a network of Creativity Confidence Enablement centers :-) Because Creativity Confidence is also about getting skills, informing by publishing over internet or inspiring by providing organized knowledge is not enough. Honestly, current Internet and Social Medias are already overloaded with such imaginable stuff. So there is also need for a strong of local brick and mortal presence, where peoples can regularly explore, build and extend their creative confidence with link to other places including virtual cooperation. REVITALIZE Create a community ART LAB or STUDIO from suitable ruin near you: Main Inspirations: Exploratorium, The HUB

How might you envision your idea spreading across geographies or cultures so that it inspires young people around the world to cultivate their creative confidence?

Large worldwide network of such NextGen Creativity Support & Research Centers, which share similar design and implementation principles in CORE and BASE support modules, but they differ in extension execution modules - this creates a needed diversity and ability to focus on local clients.

What skills, input or guidance would you like to receive from the OpenIDEO community to help you build out or refine your idea further?

OpenIDEO members can help with better descriptions of individual CORE and BASE modules functions, plus with examples of short and long time living support extension modules based on their local experience. Modularity is achieved by HEXAGON consisting of TRIANGLES, it is inspired by popular HEXAGONAL kids mosaic puzzle systems plus art works from HEXAGONS are very visually attractive, so they can be used for initial marketing, see attached photos and PINTEREST. === The CORE === 0. HERE & THERE CORE is a HoneyComb like structure in which all others elements operate. Modularity is enforced by this logical hexagon structure, where 6 elements can interact with each other. CORE itself is complex HEXAGON based on many triangles - connected services. CORE is a hydride between 1000 yeas proven concept of Museum & current trend of FUN Events (Explore & Learn) Agency service :-) HERE is local Brick & Moral Museum with Studios & Labs , while THERE represents cooperation - hosting other projects or visiting cooperating sites, putting containers in place PLUS inspiring and cooperating virtually. CORE Inspirations: Exploratorium, ARTLAB+, Invetion In Play, Lekotek Center === 6 BASE support modules === (working in cycle as 6 protective diamonds around CORE, see attached Visualization image) 1. Storytellers 2. Bridge Builders 3. Today's Studio 4. Tomorrow's Lab 5. Three Headed Dragons 6. Dream Land 1. Storytellers We need to be able to explain and show current know proven facts in natural language, so many peoples from different areas can speak with each others. Inspirations: Presenters at TED and TEDx Talks 2. Bridge Builders Once we at least little understand what others do, we need to find persons who will drive multidisciplinary projects and interconnect peoples. Inspirations: TED and TEDx Talks - founders of multidisciplinary labs and institutes 3. Today's Studio Creative Art & Design Studios (both hand-on and pure technical) with Museum, where peoples can get feel of their gifts and where they can acquire skills on regular basis Inspiration: Tinkering Studio, Project Based Learning, Interactive Museums 4. Tomorrow's Lab Be always on edge, fell in museum today tomorrows future, put researched work into live. Inspirations: Media lab, dschool, PLAYWARE Lab 5. Three Headed Dragons Y shared persons, who can combine User, Technological and Business views for future use of researched stuff. Inspirations: Successful start-ups based on refining old with new 6. Dream Land Name and Paint a future as visions so they can be incorporated into today's stories. Inspiration: Future LAB, Behind the Horizons === 1001 Extension Modules === OpenIDEO, this is your turn -> ......................................... -> Remember: Creativity is the most crucial factor for future success. IBM Research -- In Hao's "Kelley brothers: Everyone is creative" Inspiration Notes: Hexagon mosaic photos are from: http://fylstafritidsblå.se/wp-content/uploads/2012/10/P%C3%A4rlplatta1.jpg


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Wow this is really thought through, some of the factors and things you've said I would of never of thought of well done

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Hi Sam, there is already more a 2 years of discussions and preparation research in this idea :-)

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