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Creating a website portal for students to use both in and outside the classroom to get them actively engaged in discussing school policy, after-school programs, and student government, along with other school organizations.

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A website similar to OPEN IDEO where teachers, students, and faculty can all communicate and discuss different topics relating to the school climate at their specific school. With so many people being involved, many will want to give their opinions on questions like "what should be served for lunch tomorrow" or "why can't they have 10 minute bathroom breaks instead of 5 minutes." To decipher and decide which questions are appropriate, suitable, and most connected with the student body should be announced bi-monthly on the website each student will be allowed to write down a question and turn it into their assigned teacher. Then there will be 5 student leaders who will then go through the questions to choose the best question for the 2-month period. Then over the course of the 2-month period teachers, students, and faculty can ask questions, present ideas, express opinions, and decide on solutions to work into action. 

In this challenge, we want to create ideas with young people, not for them. Outline how you’re planning to involve young people or other end-users (parents, teachers, etc) in designing, iterating or testing your idea during the Ideas phase.

The young people are the driving force in this project because they present the questions to be discussed and they are able to give their input as well as speak to the adults through this website and express their ideas and concerns. This allows for students to feel a sense of empowerment and have a voice. - Teachers will be there to provide the resources and set aside time for students to participate on the website during school hours. - Although parents will not be using the website, it would be great if they could assist their children in thinking of creative responses to the questions and helping the students express themselves. Parents can also set aside time to allow their children internet access to actively get involved on the website.

How might you envision your idea spreading across geographies or cultures so that it inspires young people around the world to cultivate their creative confidence?

Since this is an online interactive forum for everyone in the school to get involved, I think it can easily spread quickly across school districts. With technology being so prevalent in today's society I think that it can be easily and quickly implemented into the school systems.

What skills, input or guidance would you like to receive from the OpenIDEO community to help you build out or refine your idea further?

Any advice on prototyping would be helpful, as well as deciding the most fair way to choose which question is chosen bi-monthly. Also, do you think a 2-month time frame per question is too short or too long? I appreciate any feedback and comments.


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Brilliant idea Alisha. the way in which you engage the young adults is great. I believe my idea is similar to yours because it is also restricted to the classroom. However that can always be changed.

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