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Installation for dancing encouraged by characterization

An installation of a game in a public place such as parks, circus, squares, that everybody can join and play together with their faces painted.

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What age is it for?

12 - 16 years old.

The theme’s game

Someone is trying to destroy the music in the world and you are a super hero of the music who is going to save the planet. Which is your power? The dance movement.

How does it work?

People have to paint a mask in their own faces to pretend they are heroes and the aim of the game is, for example, to save the world. In addition, the game is activated by dance movements that can be detected by a big sensor and the more people move, the easier they complete the tasks. Also there can be many levels, in each of them a different song will play.

The sensor will detect any movement and the more different gestures people do, the easier they end the levels. If the player is completely alone it becomes harder to complete the game. This will push people to interact with others while dancing. Therefore, people will invite others and also be free to test and create their steps.

Who is it funded by?

Video game brands can own this installation to advertise themselves. Besides, the installation can change place periodically (Streets, events, parks...).


This installation provides a sense of collaboration between participants while giving them a chance to experiment and create movements with their bodies. Moreover, when people paint their own faces, they can choose how they will be and this stimulates creativity and self- confidence at the same time. Furthermore, the game activated by dance could help people to be more spontaneous in their life and give a chance to their ideas.


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caramba! muito legal! quero muito brincar disso, já!

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