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Creativity Curriculum

Implement a one week curriculum for 7th grade kids that inspire and maintain creativity.

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Initial Execution: 7th grade, if successful would be implemented for grades K-12th

Plan: Implement a one week curriculum for 7th grade kids that inspire and maintain creativity.

Host schools will hold the one week session the week prior to school opening up for the regular school year. Participation includes all students entering 7thgrade of the host school. Teams will be randomized across the student population. Ideas and concepts will be introduced in non-traditional ways. The schedule for the creativity week is below.

· Day 1: Get to know your team

o Creativity Coach will encourage teams to play outside and do small creative activities throughout the day.

o Allow free play and physical exercise.

o Goal: Get randomized teams to know each other and clear any pressures of grades, failures, or personal issues.

· Day 2: Open ended STEM project, brainstorming

o Announce guidelines for open ended STEM project.

o The students would have access to IPad’s and Android tablets to aid them with their STEM projects.

o No grades will be administered during the session in order to inspire students to try new things without the fear of failing.

o Allow a variety of resources to be used from school library to social media.

o Creativity Coach will encourage out of the box thinking and positive attitudes.

o Allow free play and physical activity during breaks.

o Goal: Get randomized teams to come up with an initial concept in regards to open ended STEM project.

· Day 3: Trial

o Provide materials and resources to start prototyping and further brainstorming.

o Creativity Coaches encourage progress and initial concepts to

· Day 4: Error

o Creativity Coaches encourage failure and iteration.

o Goal: Show kids it is ok to work through problems or start over.

· Day 5: Success

o Creativity Coaches encourages projects to continue to a successful stage of design.

o Goal: Talk to how creativity influences success. Introduce ideas in a non-traditional way (outdoor games, cooking classes, art, etc.)

o Have guest speakers talk about success and what creativity means to them

· Day 6+: Continue projects throughout the school year to maintain creative thinking

o Have weekly to monthly progress meetings to allow for further development or even just meetings for groups to continue friendships and working together.

Funding: Get support from celebrities, top scientists, entrepreneurs, etc. that would like to fund a school. Each supporter would then be responsible for funding the one week course by providing materials and any additional resources needed to execute the event. Their support would not only be monetary, but also motivating and inspiring as they could act as one of the Creativity Coaches or guest speaker. It will draw interest to the community and educational programs across the globe.

What skills, input or guidance would you like to receive from the OpenIDEO community to help you build out or refine your idea further?

This concept was developed in a short brainstorming session. It needs lots of work developing logistics and feasible resources. Any additions to the concept idea are welcome!


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i truly do think that to improve the creative confidence issue in young people, it needs to be tackled when young people are younger, and about prevention and maintaining their confidence which a lot of kids have when they are small and care free.

Photo of Daniel Martinez da Cruz

also ye would be great to have a nice image to go with this! good job though!

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