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A modern twist on creative collaboration applied to an old drawing game. Each person makes on mark on a page and passes it on to the next participant. All contribute in a fun and non-threatening way to creative process and final artistic result.

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COOLLaborativity is a project based creative collaboration environment that leverages modern technology based drawing/painting software and networking tools that are available for use on any electronic device such as smartphone, tablet, notebook, etc., The creative environment consists of a common simple creative drawing/paint application on one device or many, wired or wireless connectivity, and presumably, a single large common display or projection system as primary viewing device for ease of viewing by all participants and anyone else within proximity.

COOLLaborativity leverages the safety of a voluntary, non-threatening collaborative environment, similar to that of the “Brainstorming” session, by allowing participation by any number of individuals who have opted in. This is similar to the old drawing game where everyone takes a turn to make a single line or has a brief timed turn/session to draw or paint on the single page/canvas, thereby not making any one person responsible for their own individual finished product which can be intimidating to many people, especially in group environments. With COOLlabortivity, all get to enjoy the creative process, the fun of the collaborative creative involvement, the shared enjoyment of participation, and shared credit for the final outcome.

Project Options and Settings :

The whole point is to have fun while fostering creative confidence

· Rules can be strict or loose.

· Themes and subject matter can be predefined or not.

· Sessions can be times or not.

· Submissions can be anonymous or not.

A project is opened by an individual or instructor in the class environment or by anyone in group setting, on-line community, or open forum. It can include any number of participants in either a localized environment with wireless or blue-tooth connectivity to the project, or world-wide via the internet vie electronic invite.

Coollaborations can be theme based or off the cuff with no theme at all to achieve a more dynamic evolution during the process..

Projects can be set up to have time limits as well as individual session time limits.

The project can have individual one at a time contributions from participants or timed sessions where everyone gets to doodle their proposed contribution in their          respective device and then submissions could be chosen by:

· An administrator

· By committee

· Most “likes” (Group review )

· A homogenous morph of all submission

· Random selection algorithm

Duration:    Projects and sessions can be very long and multiple days to enable “masterpiece” level outcomes or very short to result in fast, fun, basic ( stick figure) level collaborations.

Sessions being equally timed based on a simple formula ( Duration of the project time limit divided by the Number of participants = Individual Session time limits ).

File Outputs: In the end, all participants get to share the final file output as having contributed to the Coollaboraion. File outputs will likely be based on standard working “paint” application image files while in progress and then flattened and compressed before distribution of the completed project file output to participants and a more standard jpg. format. There would of course, be the ability to also save the larger more complex master files which hold all of the data of the entire work in progress as all stages and including all layers so that it could be recompiled using any combination of layer data at any date thereafter.

The longer more detailed projects can be recorded, shared, and played back as video “time-laps” or “speed painting” style, for entertainment or educational purposes to allow anyone to enjoy and learn from the “creative process”.

Administrators and individual users can compile and view any and every possible combination of results as if any one, any combination, or all of their individual contributions had been accepted either in addition o, or instead of, the one’s that were actually chosen in the initial project. Additionally, such variations can be applied to all of the contributions by every participant for a fun “ what if” look a single homogenous image which might have included each and every contribution from each every participant.

Summary : The idea is to create a fun non-threatening “All Play” creative drawing/painting environment for all to participate and enjoy without performance anxiety or fear of judgment or comparison to others who may be perceived as more artistically accomplished and where the end results can be enjoyed ,shared, saved, and used by all involved.

Most folks who are intimidated by creative visual fine art creative process have no idea how long it really takes and how many layers are involved in producing visual fine art and that is one of the primary reasons for their initial apprehension in working alone on such a project and being solely responsible for the finished result. . They have no idea that many artists work weeks, months, and sometimes even years to complete a masterpiece as they unfairly compare and judge themselves and their 5 minute doodles and stick figures against well know masterpiece works such as Mona Lisa, created by the master that we are all exposed to in everyday life. So then of course is very natural that anyone might be apprehensive with performance anxiety when solely responsible to present a finished product to me measured and scrutinized by all against the work of others.

Most visual fine artists are “lone wolves” working, head down in solitude or cubicles or late into the night in our studios on visual fine art projects but we all secretly all yearn to take part in something bigger, however, such collaboration has rarely ever been incorporated into our training. COOLLaborativity could change all of that forever forward even in the world of professional visual arts.

These multiple participant Collaborative sessions also create commercial opportunities for sponsoring entities to leverage not only the finished product but also the time laps video content in marketing and advertising campaigns.

The primary goal however, is to foster creative confidence in a non-threatening environment for children of all ages, in schools and elsewhere, at the earliest stage possible by a tool that can be used by anyone at any level but more importantly,everyone, at every level, including and especially those who might otherwise suffer from creative inhibitions.

In this challenge, we want to create ideas with young people, not for them. Outline how you’re planning to involve young people or other end-users (parents, teachers, etc) in designing, iterating or testing your idea during the Ideas phase.

This will not be possible. The popularity of the old analog drawing game is all the proof of concept that we need. Because of the technical development required for such a project, I will not be able to develop further proof of concept without participation by a funding body such as a VC entity or the cooperation and development resources of one of the digital “paint” application developers such as Adobe, Corel, DPs World, etc. As a former Silicon Valley executive and current professional artist ( oil on canvas ) I would be willing and honored to participate as a project manager as I do have prior applicable experience and building and managing technical teams here in the Silicon Valley.

How might you envision your idea spreading across geographies or cultures so that it inspires young people around the world to cultivate their creative confidence?

I firmly believe that this could be a very broadly adopted tool in educational institutions worldwide as a fun educational tool that will encourage creative thinking and project participation at all young ages. It would also however, bring huge marketing and branding opportunities for the company that would be willing to invest a minimal amount to develop the collaborative and networking tools to add to their pre-existing painting application as it would, no doubt create invaluable “early adopter” opportunities for the product developer. COOLLaborativiy would also be a very popular game for both home and social environments including anything from family fun time and private parties to major public events. Anywhere with a screen large enough to be viewed by participants and other guests.

What skills, input or guidance would you like to receive from the OpenIDEO community to help you build out or refine your idea further?

I believe that the support and backing of the Open IDEO forum and its name recognition would help open doors to necessary conversations within the senior staffers at applicable digital draw and paint application development organizations such as Adobe, Corel, DPs World, etc., one of which, would be a necessary alliance partner to further develop the concept to fruition.

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Hi Mark,

Love the idea, you've put a lot of detail into this i think this could work but only in the right environment.

To develop your idea you might what to think of specific situations and ages groups this could work for.

check out this idea, it made me think of your idea.

keep up the good work :)

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