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Captain Confident and Friends

Kids want to be like superheroes. Let us bring in a superhero who will encourage and guide them to become creative and confident. The superhero comes in TV cartoon, assigns projects to her friends for collaboration, meets them in a theme park.

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The Story

Captain Confident is basically an ordinary girl. She wants to solve the problems in this world but is intimidated and lacks confidence. She wants to be creative in approaching problems but the complexity of the problems makes her step behind. However, all these happen ... until she uses her super power! Her super power allows her break any complex challenge into smaller pieces and then solve them in a step by step manner. This enables her to accomplish her overall mission in the end, although it looked impossible in the beginning. Captain confident needs helps from her friends (young audiences) to solve all these problems and assigns projects to them. Occasionally she meets her friends in a theme park where they can enjoy their day while having creative 'rides' and workshops. 


The idea came from observing (and of course experiencing in childhood) the common eagerness in children to be like the superheroes. They want to do big things like the heroes and this immense energy of kids and adolescents can be utilized to ignite their creative confidence. The TED talk of David Kelley explained the mantra of " guided mastery" which is used here as the super power. Kids would love to imitate their superhero's characters which will be beneficial for them to become real life superheroes. Also, the outstanding ideas shared in this collaboration inspired to design the assignments given to kids by the superhero from TV cartoon, as well as at the theme park. I have added some of these excellent ideas that are implementable in a theme park environment in the build on section.


First of all, we need to go to the young people to identify what they care about in solving this world's problems, how they would like to approach them and what would they do if they had this super power like Captain Confident. Ideas will be taken from parents and mentors, as well as psychologists who have expertise in children's creativity and confidence issues. All these analyses will build the basic of the characters and story lines of Captain Confident and Friends cartoon. 

Step two might involve cartoonists and animation companies to step ahead and actually create the TV cartoon building on the ideas generated in the first step. Then while broadcasting the cartoon, project ideas that Captain Confident will assign to her friends could be implemented. So the thing might work this way - Captain Confident knows of one problem, she wants some parts of the solution to be done by her friends. For example, her friends need to be able to play a certain music on piano - successful playing of the music will open up a secret vault somewhere in the cartoon. Kids will practice and try to play that before the next episode broadcasts. She will also ask for some ideas to solve the smaller steps. Ideas taken from the kids can be used to do so. In this way, many kids will find that "wow, she's implementing my idea!" Captain Confident will always remind them to do things in a step by step way which will enable them to feel confident. Some scenes in the cartoon might show that even unsuccessful attempts sometimes work just because of sincere efforts. This will take care of their failures.  

Third step might be making of the theme park which will need a great amount of resources and support. Also, just like the first step, ideas will be taken from kids and their parents, mentors to implement this. Many of the ideas shared in this Open IDEO collaboration are excellent to be applied in a theme park environment. Kids will have hands on experience on this wonderful day of park visit that they will cherish for long time - plus having boosted creative confidence! 

I understand that the whole idea implementation needs a great deal of effort and support. However, if you follow Captain Confident's step by step process, guided mastery would be inevitable! :)

Please feed this idea with more thoughts, criticisms and comments. I appreciate your collaboration! << GO CONFIDENT!!! >>     

In this challenge, we want to create ideas with young people, not for them. Outline how you’re planning to involve young people or other end-users (parents, teachers, etc) in designing, iterating or testing your idea during the Ideas phase.

Basically, the superhero's characteristics will be based on feedback from kids. What are their dreams to solve problems in this world, how they want to see them solving these individually and in team. What problems they care for and why they think that solutions are important. The assignments given by the superhero will be solved by the youngsters at home which will build the next episodes. And the theme park will have activities by the kids as most of the projects outline. The implementation of the idea will need a significant amount of adult involvement which is inevitable.

How might you envision your idea spreading across geographies or cultures so that it inspires young people around the world to cultivate their creative confidence?

Superheroes can break country borders and cultures that very few can do. A world famous superhero will boost the confidences of young people around the world by her values and actions. Also, project assignments will be carefully chosen to be solvable by people from any culture. Theme parks can be established around the world to expose kids to hands on experience in addition to their assignments.

What skills, input or guidance would you like to receive from the OpenIDEO community to help you build out or refine your idea further?

First of all, a TV cartoon series should be designed and developed which consists of a great deal of ideas and graphic design issues. A renowned animation industry could take this initiative. Theme park establishment also requires huge support in terms of land, establishment and maintenance. These problems can also be broken into two steps - (1) cartoon making and (2) theme park making and solved gradually - just like Captain Confident and Friends!


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This is an awesome idea, Mamur. It seems like a great way to drive home the importance of taking small steps toward mastery over fear of failure, like you said. I like how it turns this guided mastery into a fun narrative too.

I also love your idea of creating a creative theme park!

Maybe a way to start it would be for people to organize smaller, temporary events that are filled with these creative activities? Maybe the event planning for these mini-theme parks can even be done by the youth themselves. I think event planning is a great way for youth to turn their ideas into reality. Just one idea that popped into my head.

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Thanks Jeff. Yes, in neighborhood level, something like "The Creative Hub" can be built. Which are kind of like mini theme parks. And during the design and implementation phase, young people can take part in activities to make their dreams come true.

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