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Writing Center

At my school there is a student writing center where students can have tutors critique their writing both on the ideas and grammatically. How about we take this further/

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At my School there is a student writing center where certified students can tutor and help other students with their writing and ideas. Students go and present their idea and the tutor helps develop and critique the idea or paper. there are almost always tutors available and they are very helpful, plus the writing center is open at very convenient hours for the students. I want to take this further and have teacher and student mentors help the writer turn their writing into something that could used, like a book to be published.

In this challenge, we want to create ideas with young people, not for them. Outline how you’re planning to involve young people or other end-users (parents, teachers, etc) in designing, iterating or testing your idea during the Ideas phase.

Have teachers at your school set up a place where students can write and feel free to express their ideas with constructive criticism. Set aside an empty class room at night for a few hours where either professors and students alike can help tutor young writers and help them see where their writing can actually be used.


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That's incredible idea! Its implementation will help lot of creative persons who might haven't had enough practice and make some mistakes. Ordinary classes or tutoring aren't as productive as giving a student freedom to write with a friendly advisor aside. Also you may invite some published writers, columninsts, publishers, editors or any other professionals from this niche. Maybe even start from professional copywriters like in These guys publish great advice and always produce high quality paper, so they definetely will have enough knowledge and experience to share.

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These writing centers are great. Having someone to critique your piece of writing is the best way to improve writing skills. If you feel that you're already experienced enough and you'd love to get paid for what you're doing, can be right for you.

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I believe this is a good start in terms of getting help from someone who has more knowledge than you and can helping you developing ideas and bringing out in the best way but is this not school is for?
I think you should think about bringing people together in team for collaboration or underline the power of the single.
How could you do this? if you think about why people tend to be "shy" and not very open sometimes is because they are scared of other people's opinions and reviews. So if you wanna help the "single" you could set up weekly topics for students and could have black boxes in the school where students can write about these topics in an anonymous way. Students will find their "essay" full of feedback the week after.
In terms of helping the single through the "group" you could set up afternoon session where people with same interests come together around a table and develop, discuss and improve, bringing to live their concepts.