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The design club

Get kids designing - creating their own design challenges and going through the design thinking process in clubs. For a cross cultural element how about using an online portal like Open Ideo Junior?

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Create design clubs at schools for any ages.  For the younger ones leaders could suggest challenges - for the older ones the leaders could support them to come up with their own challenges in a particular field.

The club could have challenges linked to curriculum in the school or it may be purely young person led.

These might be "how can we build something" challenges through to (for the 17& 18 year olds) huge social challenges like - How can we create political systems that will enable the changes we need to make to address our climate change challenges?

Technology such as Kristen's proposal for Open Ideo Junior  or Alisha's proposal for  Open Ideo for Kids could be used

In this challenge, we want to create ideas with young people, not for them. Outline how you’re planning to involve young people or other end-users (parents, teachers, etc) in designing, iterating or testing your idea during the Ideas phase.

The basis of this is the Design thinking for educators toolkit This could be done on paper or electronically - using Open Ideo Junior See above

How might you envision your idea spreading across geographies or cultures so that it inspires young people around the world to cultivate their creative confidence?

If people want a wider inspiration and collaboration bases how about forming design club partnerships in the same town, country, or even internationally through a portal lke Open Ideo Junior together with a school twinning piece of collaboration software

What skills, input or guidance would you like to receive from the OpenIDEO community to help you build out or refine your idea further?

For the design clubs interested educators and designers to come together to create the clubs Informal networking for the leaders of the clubs at the start on say facebook or linkedin For the collaboration piece -Full design support form the open ideo team!


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brilliant concept

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great concept