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Work together through a smartphone app

To let different people communicate and share similar ideas together and work together on a smartphone app.

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What is it?
To let different people communicate and share similar ideas together and work together on a smartphone app. Working together – by talking in the chat room, this will allow users to share their ideas as well as to gain more experience through communicating with different people. Also everyone can be inspired by each other to improve their original idea
Aimed mainly at 16-30 year olds who have aninterest with creating things, but anyone is also welcomed to take part
Any time – when they feel like sharing an idea or when an idea/ inspiration sparks
Everywhere,aimed at people who have a smartphone. This app will be advertise on social network sites/ schools /universities
How does it work
The user has to type in their details and the app will help them to find people with similar interests in order to group them together into a chat room. The more the users share ideas using the chat room, the more points they will gain. The more points the user collects, the higher chance they have of becoming a gold member.
Stages :
1. Go on the app and type in details. 
Details will be : gender/ age(16-30) /year of experiences /subject (fashion design/product design / architecture/music/fine art/animation etc) /interest
2. The app will group users of the same/similar interests together
3. They are then given a few topics from different chat rooms from which they can join
4. There will be an admin* on each topic/subject to start the conversations off
5. The more the users chat, the more points they will gain and will be graded as the following members: gold/silver/bronze user.
6. These members will also be put into their own personal chat rooms, where gold members are in one chat room, silver in another and bronzer members will have their own chat room too
*Admin- who are they?
The admin will be someone who is well-known on a particular subject. For example, if it was product design we will ask Philippe Starck to start a topic for the users to talk about.
Users can also search and invite their friends to join in the chat room. However, 1 chat room will only allow 100 people, as the server may crash if there are too many people.
How the chat room takes place?
When a chat room is full, a red light is indicated - online(full)
When a chat room is not full, a green light is indicated - online(chat available)
There is also a hot topic ratings chart that will update each week. Also by clicking on the hot topic, you will get a summarize of what the hot topic is about
Point system
3 points – when the user enters to a chat room
5 points – when the user uploads interesting news/pictures
5 points – when the users invite friends to the app
10 points – when the user stays and communicates with other users for an hour
People can also give points out to other users for uploading creative pictures/news
** However, if the users don’t use the app for more than 2 weeks, X points will be deducted
Gold membership –to be a gold member, the user has to gain at least 10000 points.
What are the benefits of being a gold member? The users will get a chance to be involved in something related to their interest (this may be to design something/be part of a design show/helping out with companies
This will bean interesting app for communication and inspiring like-minded people through the chat rooms and uploads of news/pictures/ideas. It would also be interesting to watch how the groups merge and collaborate to form bigger groups any maybe even to form friendships and meet ups.

In this challenge, we want to create ideas with young people, not for them. Outline how you’re planning to involve young people or other end-users (parents, teachers, etc) in designing, iterating or testing your idea during the Ideas phase.

To test this idea, I would gather people of the same interest together, so that they can have a go at this exercise. After, I would ask them for their feedback to see how they felt during and after the exercise to monitor how the exercise made them feel about their creativity and creative confidence. We could test this idea by asking a certain amount of people at school / university /work to download this app. After they had a go on it, I will ask them for feedback such as : - what do you think about the app? - was it useful -how can I improve this app to make you go on it more often

How might you envision your idea spreading across geographies or cultures so that it inspires young people around the world to cultivate their creative confidence?

Advertise on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Ted. Once a group of people are interested then they will start spreading around. They can talk about their ideas and ask for more improvements or help which can help them build up their creative confident or knowledge.

What skills, input or guidance would you like to receive from the OpenIDEO community to help you build out or refine your idea further?

I would like any feedbacks that can help this idea go further or anything that i can improve on.


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A very detailed explanation of your concept! I love the fact it's made with collaboration in mind. Have you thought about catering this app for different subject areas as well? Maybe it could be for food enthusiasts or subjects such as science? Also, I think some kind of storyboard or system diagram would really help to understand the concept more visually. keep up the great work!

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thank you yin san.
i will draw out the system how will it look so people will understand more. i would like to include different types of subject aswell. thank you for the idea

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Keep it up!! Can't wait to see what it looks like after you've made the changes :)

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I like the detail you've given Janet. An interesting concept too. I agree with Yin San, a storyboard of your app screens could get you further :)

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i definitely make the app to show how will it look and work

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