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The anti guide book

The book is a great way of telling stories - but they are not interactive - they rely on the skill of the author to explain meaning. People desperate to improve read them, misinterpret them and then, in the extreme, who knows?

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Share experience through spending time with kids, not guiding them to books, the web, tv.  don't outsource your responsibility to guide kids - do it through experience and discussion - something a book or any non interactive form of communication - the most of the time - can't do

Play with them

 talk to them 

Empathise with them.

Challenge them

Imagine with them

Strange that I use a film example from Monty Python....  Encourage them to be  norm breakers like the guy who dared say that we wasn't an individual when the crowd chanted "Yes we're all individuals"

In this challenge, we want to create ideas with young people, not for them. Outline how you’re planning to involve young people or other end-users (parents, teachers, etc) in designing, iterating or testing your idea during the Ideas phase.


encourage your kids to go device cold turkey for a few hours or days - give them time and materials to create, interact with others and generally try to progress in a chosen challenge co operating, co creating and challenging rules and imagining what could be not what should be.....


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yes, but which tools? if they talk about fight against diversity? you didn't explain well, your picture, is So cool! LIfe of Brian, make me smile. it is very strong. and I would like that you explain better, me too as well I should do the some.

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Hi Enrico - What I am getting at is trying to find away to get parents and those who care for children to prise them away from devices and simply talk to them and engage them in creative dicussions.

Finding the time to do this as a parent i hard - but people might actually find that they like doing it.

Tools that could be used are like the Creative Confidence Parents and teachers edition suggested by Kirk

or resources such as Edward de Bono's teach your child how to think

The image used was trying to suggest that we encourage and celebrate individuality of thought and ideas.....

I hope that clarifies

Photo of Enrico Sinatra

Yes, you clarify and I think the doubt thatI had before, I wish I was not the only one, so you clarify to me, and as well to all other, I applaud :) thanks again.