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Problem solving story telling app.

An app which helps young people think up stories that help them solve problems.

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The app works by giving the user word choices and predictions (from the dictionary) to help them come up with a story in a short space of time which will boost their creative confidence and help them solve a problem The app can be downloaded for free on either the apple app store or the android app store. At the end of the story the user can also make an avatar of the character in their story and save the story or share it with friends.

An example of how the app would work:

The user can pick an initial sentence or make one up -
-In a land far far away...
-Once upon a time...
-On a stormy day...

they then make up or pick another sentence e.g. lived a...

 the app will then offer them a range of characters to choose from -

lived a ______:


they now may pick another sentence or make one up e.g. who used to...

Who used to ______:


And the story will go on until they have solved the problem.

If the user is trying to solve a problem which relates to swimming they can pick the swim option and the dictionary could then suggest/predict words related to that topic.

Our research whilst interacting with students on campus showed that people felt a boost in creative confidence when they began telling stories and that they also found it enjoyable, the only problem was that they lacked imagination and it would take a long time to come up with anything. This app is designed to solve this problem.

How might you envision your idea spreading across geographies or cultures so that it inspires young people around the world to cultivate their creative confidence?

The idea is applicable in many countries because a lot of young people worldwide own smartphones and the number is constantly increasing. The app can be offered in different language and as can the dictionary it uses to predict or suggest words.


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Interesting concept Petrit. Young people always love to tell or hear stories. The app giving them options to select would definitely build their creativity. How about the app telling them a story and then allowing them to edit it to their own version?

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