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A Creative Journey to School - School Buss Workshop and Walkers Pack

Wouldn't it be nice if we can use the time students commute to school to cultivate their creative confidence?

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Why school bus?

Millions of children around the world travel to and from school by school buses each day. Some students have to spend a long time on the bus, there is not mush thing for them to do. This could be a great opportunity to let children have fun and be creative?

On“School Bus Workshop”, tools and materials such as art suppliesor music instruments are available for children to explore on theirjourney to school and back home. Children can uses this workshopfreely. TV screen on school buses can be used to give children sometasks which they can work on their own or as a team. Some fun classesand physical workshops, such as art and craft projects, music classes, poet reading or drama workshops, can be offered on the school bus. At the end of school year, we can have “School Bus Exhibition” on the school bus where all students can showcase theirprojects worked on the bus to their parents and community.

Example of activity

- Drawing, Painting

- Music band

- Karaoke! (Thank you Josh for the input)

- Craft project, decorate the bus, make toys

- Poet reading

- Telling story

- Play game or invent a game!

- Photograph outside view

By turning regular school bus to a workshop not only encourage childrento use creativity on regular basis but also preparing them physically and mentally for school and letting them relax after school.


Why school bus and journey to school?

- Teacher-free zone - freedom-to-create environment

- Preparation for school day - start school with creativity and relax after school

- Change boring time riding school bus into fun time children can enjoy

Journey to school

Although school bus are the focus here, but we also don't want to exclude children who walk to school. 

We could start out with something very simple such as games that student can play on the bus. It also a good idea for students to lead their own activity. So, at the first step, we might create a school bus pack which is under everyone seat. In the pack, student can find items such as 

- mirror sticker - removable sticker student can stick on the mirror and create story

- origami paper and instruction 

- game guide

- topic card - topics for students to discuss

Students who walk to school also get a similar package which include

- game guide

- topic card - topics for students to discuss

- observation list - List of plants, leaves, rock, insects, birds, places, objects, etc. that student can observe and collect on the walk. 

- map of hidden treasure - a local map that allow student to fill out what they find on there walk and create their secret map.

If the idea works and there are more budget avialable we night be able to create school bus workshop which might include karaoke, art supplies, camera, etc.

We can also create a collaboration between bus kids and walker kids through after school program and communicate through website.

Website is a portal for students to communicate, share their projects and suggest  new projects they want to do.

I'd like to thanks everyone for your very helpful input. More comments and suggestions are still welcomed. Any suggestion on how to start and prototype the project? How can we take this project to real life? How to get funded? 

In this challenge, we want to create ideas with young people, not for them. Outline how you’re planning to involve young people or other end-users (parents, teachers, etc) in designing, iterating or testing your idea during the Ideas phase.

Firstly, we can ask children about their journey to school. How they feel about school bus? What they do on the bus? Then we can ask them what they want to do on the bus. Which kind of activities interest them? Secondly, we have to find out a possibility of what can be done with school buses. Which tools and materials can be installed on to the buses and which kind of activities can be done on the buses.

How might you envision your idea spreading across geographies or cultures so that it inspires young people around the world to cultivate their creative confidence?

- School Bus Workshop can be applied around the world since school bus are commonly used in many countries. However, children safety must be concerned so the workshop might be different in each country due to bus and road conditions. - We could build a website or forum where students can share their projects they done on the buses and parents and teachers can share and discuss their ideas about workshops and projects.

What skills, input or guidance would you like to receive from the OpenIDEO community to help you build out or refine your idea further?

There are many more things we can do with school buses as well as many concern we should be aware of. Any advice, concern or feedback is welcomed.


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Hi My!
Fun idea. I was always jealous of the kids who walked to and from school. Now, this idea would make me happy to be a "bus kid".

Might you consider a similar program for children who walk to school? Perhaps an after school program for "walkers" that offers the same games/art projects/karaoke as the bus kids. The "walkers" could be in contact with the "bus kids" through the internet (Skype/Facetime) to virtually "check-in" with each "team". This could create a competitive edge to the activities between the "teams".

Good luck with this! I like it.

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Hi Susan!
Yes!! We shouldn't exclude children that walk to school. We also think about "walkers" when we brainstormed but I didn't put it in the concept so thanks for reminding me that :D

I like it idea of teaming student up and connect them online since walkers are often alone or with only couple friends. A little bit of competition could students feel like they have some goal they could aim to rather than do something for no reason.

A quick idea coming up in my head is collaborative project, for example, a recycle art project which ask walkers to collect objects they find on the way to school then bus kid can work on making into art piece or work after school together.

While brainstorm, we also think of an activity for the walkers such as create topic for kids to talk, songs, a wall they can write something on. Is there any other suggestion?

I'll update it the concept with an idea about the walkers tonight. Please feel free to add if there is anything I didn't think of.

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I like the idea of the collaborative art project. The "bus kids" could make a list of the items they want the "walkers" to find. They could relay what the items are via text messaging. Then on the next day, during the trip home from school, the "bus kids" have the items the "walkers" found the previous day. But this time, the "walkers" text the "bus kids" what type of art project the "bus kids" will do with the items found the previous day. There could be a pre-packaged box of art supplies already on the bus that will pertain to that particular art project. The "walkers" know what items are in the box, but the "bus kids" don't know the items in the box until the discover the box and open it.
Just some thoughts. :) Hope it helps! Good luck with it My!

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