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Paint the school area!!!!

It is a creative school activity every one or two years that all student work together and paint the school area. Can be painting/ printing(hands or sponge) The school will repaint the surfaces into white during summer holiday.

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Primary school students
12 students per group, 2 per each year (year 1-6)

Toilet, wall, corridors, garden, playground.

- First 2 weeks in the beginning of the year: ice breaker between lower and upper years
----Build up confident by upper years taking care of lower one and lower years feel proud of working with upper years
----People will walk pass/ use places they painted

How does it work?
- NO UNIFORM durning these 2 weeks
- The school will decide a THEME, eg. forest- there will be game session in the first 2 days, so they can know each other in their group before the discussion
- the group of 12 students will discuss what to drew on the place they in charge, teachers willl help them as wel l
- Student can use brushes, rollers, sponges or even their hands
- Patterns on papers will be provides for students who is less confident to paint- students will use ACRYLIC as it is quicker to dry and it doesn't smell like chemical like paint. Acrylic it also waterproof after its dried
- Painting lesson will teach them how to use paint correctly, ways of painting and printing, health and safety, giving time for them to practice

Average number of student in each primary school in England is 1000, so there will be about 83 groups in total.This activity will hold for 2 weeks

Why is it a good idea?
- game session will be a ice breaker before the ice breaker!!- student will feel more relax without uniform, this avoid social level barrier.
- It is an achievement of finishing something together
- Discussing in small group will let shy people talk more, great chance to interact with people
- This activity holds in the beginning of the year, with the mixture of different year groups, this wil be a very good chance for ice breaking, to know people who is not in your class
* student Build up confident, no afraid of expressing their idea even with people in different yea r
- NO RIGHT or WRONG in PAINTING/ PRINTING/COLOURING- School area with painting and artwork create  relaxing, friendly and creative  atmosphere
- painting lesson will help student to know how to paint with their creativity and prevent negative graffiti


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A lot of businesses feel that if employees were allowed to customise the environment they worked in they would be more work motivated as they feel comfortable in their working environment. This is a similar concept which I think is great. Young people are very creative and I think allowing them to design their school area would be great as I wished i was able to do the same when i was a kid. Great concept.

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Good idea!
What is the format for the way that the children will paint, All children painting at the same time will make the school extremely busy. I think i remember looking over this in the studio and you saying each amount of groups will do it a day at a time, meaning what would the other groups do when it wasnt there day in to paint the walls?

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thank you for your comment!
the other student will have activities like music, art & craft, games etc.

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Good concept
However you can extend more