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Make the Game

A kid's face when they open a new game is priceless. From monopoly to candyland, uno, life, among others. Kids love games!......

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A kid's face when they open a new game is priceless. From Monopoly to Candyland, Uno, Life, among others. Kids love games! What if we encouraged them to create their own games? Have them make up the rules, construct the board, set the number of players, and the theme of the game. Not only will it be an exciting activity for them, they will feel accomplished that they built something. Parents could even encourage them to have educational twists in the games, such as science, math, or history questions depending on their age range.

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Our team is in the process of generating a bunch of fun games for our online platform concept, and we think yours is great! We had a very similar concept for it already! Depending on our timeline we might have the chance to test it with our LREI 5th graders some time in the next couple of weeks!

We would love to hear your feedback on our concept, and if you have any more fun ideas for games please let us know! Post on our page so that we can start a discussion with the entire team!

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