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Lets make a movie together online!

A video website where it collaborates people around the world to make a movie together by cutting scripts and movies in many parts and people join in to act sections of the movie and upload. they can also upload their own script and get people to act

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What is it?

A website where it collaborates people around the world to makea movie together by cutting scripts and movies in many parts and people join into act sections.

Why is this a good idea?

As we grow up we tend to lose the things we used to do as achild such as pretending to be characters or acting in school plays. This generation, we are all based ontechnology and sitting in our beds and doing nothing, I am introducing this tobe online and internet based to reach people to their current level instead of snatchingthe internet from them and kicking them outside and telling them “go playoutside”. This ideas will increase thecreative confidence of young people by trying to make them thing of differentways to interpret a scene with the time they have, the space and the equipmentavailable around the house, lets people socialize and the idea of increasingtheir confidence of showing themselves.

What can you do in the website?

It has many things to do and they are all based on actingand filming and possibly animation.

1- Gets a famous movie andcuts it into 30- 60 second clips and people pick the section they want to playand record their clip and post it. So at the end of the month/ project you canget one whole movie made of 100s of clips and made of 100s of users using 100sof different techniques which looks fun and bazaar!

2- Anyone can upload their ownscript and the website or the user cuts up the script and anyone can come inand act in the roles by selecting the sections. Then the main uploader can editand delete and ad captions to the movie.

3- People can start off withone line of a script, the next person adds their line and acts and it goes on.

4- The forum, this is a placewhere people can talk to each other, help each other, talk about anything movierelated, suggest a top movie and promote their movies. This section is madebecause there is no commenting on videos for safety and cyber bullying reasons

What is the outcome?

It will engage in people’s imaginations,shoes how different people interparate different scenes and use differentrecording meathods, increases creative confidence, it can be funny, It’s COLLABRATIVEthan competitive. IT’S ALL ABOUT TEAM WORK AND FUN

At the end, you get to points,watch the whole movie and make friends.

Some answers to some questions

How to ensure people are safe?

As we all know that video websites can have rude peopleposting “inappropriate content” however to remove this inappropriate contentthere will be a report button on and site officers around the forum checkingand deleting that content to keep things PG and keep the fun rolling.

Also people cannot comment on the videos because this couldlead to cyber bullying, the site will only included a “LIKE” button to keep everythingpositive.

As for the site, the minimum age to make an account would be13 years of age.

Who is it aimed at?

This is mainly aimed at young people over the age of 13

What do points do and how to get them?

You get points for every video post you make which levelsyou up. I do not want to encourage pointper like because usually popular users can get more likes, we want to encourageconterbution.

The levels are used up in the maximm time of how long youcan book a part such as the maximum time for level 1 is 4 hrs, level 2 is 8hrs, level 3 is 12 hrs (it goes up anextra 4 hrs every level) so this is how much time you have to take to record,edit and upload.

Other ways to get more points is to invite friends and youget one point for every friend that joins. If someone wants more points/time they can BUYsome more time/points from the shop

How do you intend to promote/get traffic to this website?

1- We will pick the top moviesof the week with most likes and share it on the website’s personal youtubeaccount, facebook and twitter.

2- The users can share thevideo or the page on their personal facebook, twitter or other socialnetworking sites and they can also email their friends to watch a video orshare.

How could this promote creative confidence?

Creative: this is made by testing out how peoplecould interprate scenes according to time, the space they have and theequipment they use

Confidence: the idea of putting yourself out there andteaming with people you don’t know or just met.

What medias can we use?

You can use a camera to record yourself, a webcam, recorddolls, stop motion, wear masks, make an animation software’s, anything really,that’s the fun of it, being creative and finding unique ways to record.

How can the owners make money?

Through youtube partnership and through the shop. At theshow you can buy more booking time or more points, also at the shop you can buysome merchandise.

Who runs this?

The creators/ owners of the site will run this, also users on the site can help the creators/owners by volunteering and signing up to become a “site officer” to help us out report/ delete “inappropriate content”and help us around the forum.

In this challenge, we want to create ideas with young people, not for them. Outline how you’re planning to involve young people or other end-users (parents, teachers, etc) in designing, iterating or testing your idea during the Ideas phase.

grouping up with people who can design website, make a forum and add video features, I would prefer the designers of the site to be young because they might know more about what young people like e.g the layout and what attracts them.

How might you envision your idea spreading across geographies or cultures so that it inspires young people around the world to cultivate their creative confidence?

as it is an online website, people will be sharing links to their movies to their social media friends such as facebook friends but also asking them to join the website to join their movie and as we may know, people have many friends around the world, friends send to friends and the word will spread.
also the top movies on the site will be uploaded on youtube which brings in traffic from around the world of people watching the video where it will have a link in the description and the watermark leading them to the video.
If their friends are doing it, most likely they will do it.

What skills, input or guidance would you like to receive from the OpenIDEO community to help you build out or refine your idea further?

web designing skill will be needed, I only know the basics plus I haven't learnt colour theories yet to show which would be the best colours.

also I would like to know better ways to improve the site and extra features to input.


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Photo of Kayes Khan

Great idea. I very much enjoy the idea of introducing video editing to the younger generation and feel that it would give them a sense of responsibility to pick and choose what they feel is best, not many 13 year olds have much "choices" to make because of social factors so this is a good platform for them.

Photo of Betul Salman

totally with you. I think many concepts about getting people more creative are mostly about stopping the online interaction and move on to let people see the gardens and flowers outside but I what i believe is that we should have a bit of both because our world needs technology and internet to move on because it had became a part of our life. this idea is great because you can do the outdoor filming as well as the online editing and online socializing.

Photo of Thalia Aponso- Ramirez

I think creative people are going to love this, especially movie fanatics. Its a good way of bringing people together and getting different creative ideas to make one film therefore letting us see each individuals talent. Do you think that with the points system, it will encourage competition though?

Photo of Betul Salman

hey, thanks for the comment :) the points system can encourage competition but I was aiming for the points system to encourage the users to come back and play more so that they can level up because levelling up can give them more time to book a part so if someone wants to make a professional scene, bring their friends over to record and edit they would want to level up to get more time to book the part to hand in the part. I did the booking idea because if there wasn't one then for example if someone wants to act in one scene, they do all the filming and the editing but someone had already beat them there and posted their clip which could let them down because they worked so hard and might eventually not want to participate any more. :)

Photo of Imran Jeddy

Awesome way to combat the competition.

Photo of Alexander Tuck

Think its a great, modern idea. Getting young people around the world to creatively collaborate in order to produce a single outcome. Definitely think that this idea could be implemented for an even younger age bracket to improve creative confidence at a younger age.
great job!

Photo of Johari Nals

I think this is a great idea! I think it would be interesting if the minimum age was dropped to maybe 10 and capped at 18. Either way very exciting possibility. Good thinking!

Photo of Taz Fear

Great idea.
Getting people together, collaborating and having fun when doing so!
I would love to have a go at this and see what would be produced online by others!
Awesome job, well done.

Photo of Ayman Hanafi

The more friends we make the merrier as we learn from each other and gain expertise, especially if we delve into other cultures, we will learn about background, colour and language, This in itself is an education and a great opportunity to boost confidence in creativity and speaking. I love the "points" system, a super way of encouragement. An excellent idea, well done!

Photo of Betul Salman

thanks Ayman :) if you liked it make sure to applaud it :) :D

Photo of Ayman Hanafi

No problem, make sure u check out my idea = )