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GetCreative watch + app

A watch + app which gives the user a creative task to do daily , weekly or monthly (depending on how the settings are adjusted). The creative tasks are decided through a questionnaire which gives you a creative score based on your age/backround etc.

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The watch is compatible with any smartphone that has Bluetooth and that has the app (which can be downloaded for free on either the android or apple markets). The tasks depend on the age/background of the user and are designed to increase their creative confidence e.g. a business man may be tasked to speak to a stranger on the train whereas a child may be tasked with inventing a new animal, drawing it and giving it a name. There is also a quiz which gives you a creative confidence score (this is designed by experts in the field such as the kelly brothers) and this also helps determine your creative tasks and helps you track your progress - your creative confidence score may increase as you do more activities. There is no competition with the score system, it is only designed to help you personally improve. Maybe young people can create an avatar of themselves which shows up on the watch and gives them the creative challenge. The watch can also have a camera with which the user can take a photos of his creative task or do a short video of what he/she felt when they did it. He can also film using his/her smart phone's camera, either way the photos/videos can then be shared to friends through the app.

How might you envision your idea spreading across geographies or cultures so that it inspires young people around the world to cultivate their creative confidence?

A watch is a common object worn by many therefore this product has the potential to the masses and has a huge target market. This watch will grow with the user and help him/her maintain and boost creative confidence.


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great idea, very creative. maybe think of ways to bond with others through this creativity to make it a group activity?

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thanks for your input Masheyat, helping young people bond through the watch sounds like a cool idea. Maybe they can speak to each other using their avatars or all partake in a creative task together where one person may draw a head, another person a body and another person legs then they join all their drawings to make a complete body. the possibilities are endless!

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you just answered my question lol :)

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