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From the Land of Creativity

In the Land of Creativity, a storm is brewing. The guilds of storytellers, painters, musicians and many more creativities are gathering around. They’ve sent out their ambassadors to all corners of the world, and now are waiting for a call to action.

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During the inspiration phase, I noticed three recurring themes: the importance of play, the versatility of creativity and the value of empowering young people. In this Idea I try to combine these themes.

This Idea aims to facilitate young people to take charge of building creative confidence, by giving them a platform, support and a network to explore the many facets of creativity on their own terms. There are three basic elements to this concept: first and most important are the Embassies of Creativity, they are supported by the Creative Guilds and can use a platform that is both web-based as rooted in their community.

Embassies of Creativity

The Embassies of Creativity are groups of young people that will organise creative confidence building in their community. The Embassies, or groups of Ambassadors of Creativity, can be students from a school, friends, cousins, youg people who live in the same street, or any other type of group imaginable. Most importantly: they want to be active in exploring creativity and building creative confidence. They all can have one or more adult helpers added to the Embassy Staff, to help them come together by arranging class rooms or transportation. Embassies of Creativity can organise creative gettogethers and activities for everybody they choose, in any way they think is best to learn more about creativity, to learn how do to things, to learn how to best express themselves, to find their talent, and so on. For these gettogethers and activities, they can call on the Creative Guilds to provide a bit of expert knowledge.

Creative Guilds

The Creative Guilds are groups of locally organised people (young or old) who can share their epxertise in a certain field of creativity, or more fields than one. This can be writing, drawing, making pinball machines from cardboard, programming, story telling, you name it. It’s important that these groups are locally organised, because they need to be able to travel to the Embassies of Creativity to share their expertise.

Secondly, as suggested by Swany, the Creative Guilds should connect with local and global groups and activities that have similar goals or can help promote the ideas of the Land of Creativity, and cooperate with them. Think of groups and activities like the Maker Faire, and the project "the classroom and the factory" as mentioned in the comments.

Another role the Creative Guilds have, is to promote the values of the Land of Creativity in their community with parents, teachers and rulers.

The Connectwork


Embassies of Creativity and Creative Guilds from all over the world are connected to eachother by the Connectwork. This is a multi-tiered communication platform. The first tier is formed by an online forum. This forum has a public layer and a secret layer.

On the secret layer, Ambassadors can log in, and share their experience with eachother, but can also contact Creative Guilds in their community to ask them to share their expertise, book a live session, or simply check the latest news and discuss latest gossip from the Land of Creativity.

Creative Guilds members can also log on, and share their expertise, upload tool kits, but also exchange ideas on how to promote the values of the Land of Creativity amongst local rulers, teachers and parents. This would be visible in the public layer. 

An example could be an instruction on how to make things/toys out of waste.

In this challenge, we want to create ideas with young people, not for them. Outline how you’re planning to involve young people or other end-users (parents, teachers, etc) in designing, iterating or testing your idea during the Ideas phase.

This concept is centered around the end-users, which are called the Ambassadors here. It's their wish and need, maybe guided by their teachers and parents, that drive the rest of the action. By sharing their experiences on The Connectwork, they can continuously improve and learn from others.

How might you envision your idea spreading across geographies or cultures so that it inspires young people around the world to cultivate their creative confidence?

There's both a global and a local component to this Idea, where the global component can serve as a framework and a promotional tool, and the local component is where the action is. This will also allow communities to use the Idea in a way that fits their culture best. In terms of spreading the Idea, I think we can learn a lot from how OpenIDEO and platforms like TED have spread.

What skills, input or guidance would you like to receive from the OpenIDEO community to help you build out or refine your idea further?

First of all, I would like everybody to help me further develop this Idea. If you have anything to add, or other comments, feel free to do so. To make a prototype, I would love to have some graphic design support, maybe website building support, but most definitely someone who can take this Idea and run with it in their local community by building Embassies of Creativity and Creative Guilds.
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Swany Velazquez

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"Wonderful contributions in the comments. "

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Stephan Kardos

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"I love Stephan's similar idea, and having him on the team will help develop this one, and hopefully his idea, even better."

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Mansi Parikh

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"Enthusiast, and much needed design skills. A valuable team member of this Creative Guild."


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