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Don't be afraid of the box!

The concept is to enter the box and feel free to express your creativity all over the glass walls without the fear of being judged. But as you enter there is a secret inside…….

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Around the age of 17 years and on wards I feel that I began to lose the creative confidence I once had, due to the pressures of finding jobs, getting into university and other social burdens. As life gets serious we begin to forget are childlike creativity and worry more about how others perceive us.

What is the concept? Who can use it? This concept can be used by college students, 6th former's and on wards. The idea is to express your creative side without being afraid of how it will be judged. By doing this inside a glass box will enable the rest of the college or 6th form to come see what has been done (like an exhibition) and possibly draw others in to take part.

Everyone will have a chance to participate inside the box, but a record will be kept to make sure the same students are not being chosen. Around 3-5 students from each form group will be given the chance to participate,and then the next month will rotate. 

What makes this idea unique is that a one way mirror will be used so that students will be able to see from the inside out, but you cannot see from the outside in. Therefore this will help boost student confidence levels without them actually being judged. There will be an option for the artwork to remain anonymous if students feel uncomfortable. The reason for creating the artwork on the glass walls is to allow the students to be care free, work alongside other students easily and to have fun!

When can the box be used? The box can be available for students to use during free periods, lunch breaks or after lesson. Groups of students will be encouraged to participate and collaboratively create a work of art which can then be exhibited at the end of every month.

What happens after the box has been filled? The students are able to showcase their work to family and friends on an enjoyable evening, which will give them a sense of achievement. Then the work can be removed for the next month of creativity can commence.

Who funds the concept? The college or 6th form will fund the concept. Non-permanent markers should be used on the glass walls so that it can be easily removed after every month.

Travelling Glass Box
The glass box could even be used as a travelling box on wheels organized by the council of the area. The box could go from one school to another every 3 to 4 days to allow them to get creative inside the box.

This would save schools spending large amounts of money on building work. The glass box would also get used to its full potential as it would be fresh and new in every school to use and explore rather than be kept at a permanent location and students getting bored of it. 
The idea of the travelling glass box could also be used in workplaces, park areas, town centres, outside libraries and practically anywhere for the general public to get creative. This would take away the limitation of ages using the box as anyone can have the opportunity to use it. Utensils can be supplied by the travelling box company for people to use. Once the box is filled up, pictures can be taken of all the art work at each location to be displayed at a local town hall of each borough to showcase the hidden talent that they have. The travelling box could bring community's together for a social gathering to celebrate their towns artwork.

To test this idea a prototype plastic box could be made and transported to different locations to see how the public react and interact with it. There would need to be someone looking after the box and explaining the idea to people passing by, persuading them to try it out. 

As the box is transportable it can be moved from location to location, travelling to different cities and places around the world. If the idea is a success then more could be made. 

*New* Refinement question: What will the future look like with your idea in it?

My idea will have an impact on people around the world as they will be able to see their works full potential without the fear of being judged in a negative way. Just by hearing about the concept of expressing yourself inside the box could lead to people interpreting the idea in their own unique way. For example I explained my idea to my nephew who is 8 years old and he interpreted the idea into a cardboard box that you can only draw on the inside of. Once you have created your work of art inside the box you can hand it over to someone else to open which will reveal the creativity. By handing over the box to someone else will show that you have the confidence to share what you have created and are not afraid of being judged.

In this challenge, we want to create ideas with young people, not for them. Outline how you’re planning to involve young people or other end-users (parents, teachers, etc) in designing, iterating or testing your idea during the Ideas phase.

Firstly we could test this idea in an empty room inside the 6th form or college. The blank walls will allow the students to create their artwork. Teachers and parents could help encourage the students to take part in the activity, emphasizing on the showcase of everyone's work at the end of every month. Parents could also help fund food and drink for the special once a month evenings which will bring everyone together.

How might you envision your idea spreading across geographies or cultures so that it inspires young people around the world to cultivate their creative confidence?

Social media such as Instagram and Facebook will play a large part in spreading the awareness of this unique idea. As students are unable to physically take their artwork away with them, they will be given the opportunity to photograph their work. Once posted online, the idea could inspire other 6th forms/ colleges and even schools globally to take part.

What skills, input or guidance would you like to receive from the OpenIDEO community to help you build out or refine your idea further?

I would like some financial guidance from the OpenIDEO community. Also some other ideas on how i could test this concept.


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Nice it's kind of like then having this super power of being invisible .

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That's a really cool way of describing it! Maybe to get younger students involved from primary and secondary schools I would use this kind of description.
Thanks Asif

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and i love the names used is well very enticing it almost draws you it. it sure makes me wanna go inside.

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