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Creativity Booster series - explore your creativity every day with the help of consumables!

Care products with expressive headlines, statements and design challenges make you aware of your imagination every day - step by step you’re reminded of your creative potential. The instructions guide you, so you start exploring your creativity.

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Creativity Booster series

Everyday consumables which increase your creative confidence by making you ponder about yourself and show that you are a creative person. Expressive guidance supports you on this journey, every day.

Stylish designed physical products, well-chosen smell & soap, expressive headlines, statements and design challenges printed on labels of consumables’ bottles, cans etc. make you aware of your imagination every day - step by step you are reminded of your creative potential, so get into a mental stage of mind where you start believing in your own creativity!

Teenagers and young people love to try out different kinds of care products which are available in their favourite drugstore. The products they choose are highly dependent on the coolness factor, design and features which come in addition to the actual purpose of the product. In case of a shampoo this means the product’s odour is very important. Some shampoos and alike products sell with another feature: the effect the gel has on you, some are awaking and some others are supposed to have a relaxing effect on the user.

We can transfer this effect on something else so many people struggle with, besides tiredness or stress. Many people are not confident acting out their creativity, some even think they’re not creative at all. As kids we’re all practicing our creativity without any fear, but many are losing this freedom while they grow up, due to personal experiences, the education system or the fear of failure. As long as you’re not certain that you have enough creativity to make a difference or show your ideas to others, you won’t use the creative potential that’s in every one of us.

Here the Creativity Booster series comes into action. Combined with the factors why people prefer some care products, young people can rediscover their creative confidence by using the Creativity Booster products series.

How does it work?

There’s no medicine to cure someone from “uncreativity”. The only way to get someone back being creatively confident is by slowly getting someone into the mental stage in which he/she is convinced to be the creative type.

After buying and using the products, the user is confronted with it’s own desire for more creativity every day by getting in contact with the text written on products’ labels. Young People start to reflect about this on a regular basis and eventually they are guided along a path which leads to the individuals’ creative confidence. In environments such as the shower, the toilet or in the bathroom in general, you are isolated from other surroundings and can focus more on yourself. Moreover, your mind can concentrate on issues that you really care about, for example your desire to be more creative in planning the next party, in order to provide “something special” for your friends. The products are specifically designed for such environments. People using the products on a regular basis are taken on a journey to more creativity and transform themselves back to creative persons, because they are encouraged to do so. Supported by the expressive title, the statements and more information about creative confidence, people start to ponder about themselves. Linked with the fill level of the product, they see which stage they have reached by now. This only draws your attention back to the labels.

Sample titles for the products

“Rich in Creativity”

“Smells like Creativity”

“Inspiration Potion”

“Imagination Booster”

“Overdue? Creativity Shampoo!”

“Use Creativity Gel to Excel”

“With this Creativity Gel - You Don’t Undersell”

Examples of additional statements

“Always remember: Failure is key to success”

“Newton saw an apple falling - now it’s your turn to see your own fruits growing!”

Possible range of products

Shower Gel
“With this Creativity Gel, you Excel!”

“Bubble with as many ideas as you’ve got hair”

“Get your hands moving & bring your ideas to life!”

Toilet Paper
“Write and flush down your thinking barriers”: Example “My colleague in school told me my ideas are all shit, that I am not creative.”

Additional: “Creativity Drink”, Tooth paste,...


The physical products and graphics incorporate a very young and fresh design. Curved lines shall keep the flow of creative thinking in people’s minds and support the idea of being on a journey to more creativity. Moreover, the exclusive designs of the containers attract people and set themselves apart from other care products.

All these products can be sold for the same price or slightly cheaper than competing care products. The Creativity Booster series feature good odour, interesting colour (which is important for styling aspects), healthy soap and vitamins. They could even be based on existing, maybe left-over and retired products, if some brands like “Unilever” decide to support the mission to establish a broad creativity offensive. However, design, taste and coolness are essential to these products to draw teenagers’ and young people’s attention to it.

Elements like the fill level mark your “progress in creativity” and draw your attention back to the statements. For example, when you pick up the shower gel, you see how much you’ve been using it, and in that moment you get confronted with statements like “Failure is key to success” once again. This guides you step by step and helps you to take the courage out of the bathroom into your daily life.

The statement “DEVELOPED BY CONVENTIONAL PEOPLE” on every label takes the pressure away from people who think of themselves as the uncreative type. It shows that everyone is potentially creative, and you can do more than you think if you just believe in yourself and follow the statements and tips on every Creative Booster series product.

Educating people

In addition to statements, the labels provide a link to a “knowledge platform” and a path to different kinds of information based on creativity lessons - People get more involved and can get to know more ways to nurture their own creativity. In this way you can educate people and make them undertake different challenges.

You can then go one step further and make them interested in passing on the ideas to gain more creativity to their friends, via Social Networks or by recommending to buy the products for their own use.

Online Design Challenges/Creativity hints

If people don’t know where to start, we should give them a hint. This is possible through the link, which the statements on the label of the products provide. The hints can be tips about where you can start to innovate in your life, be it a dinner party for friends or what you can design for your dog. In addition to that, the platform can provide additional challenges, and why not give the consumer a task to design his own shower gel?

Why will the products be attractive on a regular basis?

The expressive headlines, statements and information provided on the products don’t stay the same, they’re constantly changing to stay interesting. This helps people to automatically learn more when their last bottle is empty. They buy a new product of the Creativity Booster series and get confronted with creativity once again - but in a different way, through different statements, colors and designs.

Young people don’t want to spend a lot of money on such products - and the design without any additives or expensive ingredients makes sure that the products won’t cost more than any other care product available on the market. There’s also a set of Creativity Boosters available, which comes along with a gift - see description further down.

All these examples are just an easy way to show people, that there are several solutions to gain back creative confidence, and by changing the products on a regular basis, the series stays interesting.

Increase attractiveness by selling a box-set incl. give-away

Creativity Booster series is a set of products, which will first be focused on care products. The range of products can easily be increased and expanded to “energy drinks”, etc. When all the products of the series are sold in a set, an additional free give-away could be included. In case of bathroom consumables, a notepad incl. a waterproof marker could be given to the young consumer. The notepad can be sticked to the wall in the shower for example. Many different give-aways are possible, specifically adjusted for the purpose of the product range.

In this challenge, we want to create ideas with young people, not for them. Outline how you’re planning to involve young people or other end-users (parents, teachers, etc) in designing, iterating or testing your idea during the Ideas phase.

I can imagine to set up a kind of “pop-up store” (cheap table, shelves, etc.) which follows the same design and rules as the actual product. The best location for this is near a drugstore, where young people actually go, having in mind to buy a care product. Banners show expressive headlines, and there are some prototypes which could be sold for the actual planned price (there you get insights how much they are actually willing to spend) or give some samples for free. But at first sight it should seem that actual products are sold, not given out for free, otherwise it would distort the outcome figures. To keep in touch with them, they can fill out a form, how they like it and what they would change.

How might you envision your idea spreading across geographies or cultures so that it inspires young people around the world to cultivate their creative confidence?

There are drugstores in every country all over the world. The design of the bottles, which is one of the most important elements here, the soap, odour etc. should be modified to adapt to the culture and preferences of the people living in this country. Also ethical convictions and country-based stories (based on publicly well-known successful and beloved people) should be considered.

What skills, input or guidance would you like to receive from the OpenIDEO community to help you build out or refine your idea further?

I would like to hear some more ideas for expressive headlines, statements and additional insights, what can be shared with the young people using the product. Since the products are supposed to change on a regular basis to educate people even more and provide essential information, a lot of different headlines, statements, etc. are needed which fit into a story of a particular journey printed on the labels of the product. Crazy inspirations for bottles, cans and similar can help to design bottles which are tremendously attractive to teenagers and young people. Here the community would be a huge help to get a broad overview what young people want and what is attractive to them.


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very unusual but potentially a very effective idea. shower time is great thinking time, what better way to spark someones creative thinking from the bottle they use to wash with.

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