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Cafun - The Internet Café where people can socialize, work, be creative & have a coffee

Cafun is a place of creativity and fun surrounded by inspiration. It is a place where groups of people that have never met each other before, can have a laugh and get creative by participating in fun activities.

Photo of Ajay Parmar
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Cafun would feature the following:

Puzzles, quizzes & activities that rotate depending on the day of the week such as

T shirt printing, tie dying, paint flicking onto canvas, themed quizzes, origami, knot tying, pottery, paper maché, card making, stitching, halloween pumpkin carving, smoothies/fruit juicing, simple baking (cup cakes, brownies etc...)

  • Voting via an app for what channel is on the tvs / radio with a constant instant messaging chat to discuss what to watch or listen to

  • Feltips and paint readily available, this will encourage people to contribute to existing doodles, sketches and drawings on walls

  • Different walls will be designated to different themes (handprints, cartoons, doodles, etc..)

  • Before the walls are coated with their monthly white paint to create a blank canvas photographs will be taken and uploaded to twitter, facebook and instagram to raise public awareness

  • Foosball & pool table - computerised queuing system so you always play a new face

  • Comments box and email so constant feedback and ideas can be received and appropriate ideas or improvements can be put into place

  • Rewards such as a free breakfast for ideas that are used and people will be credited

  • Free coffee for first timers to encourage new faces

  • A shelf dedicated to unpublished books where unknown authors could leave their own for others to enjoy and review

  • All activities are free if you buy a meal and drink otherwise they are £5 per person

  • There could be potential funding from the government/council as this idea would help the community by bringing people together in a creative environment

  • If over time Cafun became well known we could organise Cafun call-out classes that travelled to universities & work places working with people and getting them involved in a one day activity in the comfort of their own building

*New* Refinement question: What will the future look like with your idea in it?

Promotion via the internet could create an interest on foreign land about Cafun; then possible expansion could occur via franchises.

If Cafun became well known and was successful we could enforce it as a brand and potentially create a clothing line. People walking around wearing Cafun shirts with slogans such as ‘Come and have some fun at Cafun!’ or ‘Buy some toffee and get a free coffee!’

In this challenge, we want to create ideas with young people, not for them. Outline how you’re planning to involve young people or other end-users (parents, teachers, etc) in designing, iterating or testing your idea during the Ideas phase.

Young people will be a key role within Cafun.

They will provide the enthusiasm and happy faces that will serve you your coffee, help you connect to the Wi-Fi, provide you with all the feltips you need for your comic strip or whatever else your creative desire might require.

How might you envision your idea spreading across geographies or cultures so that it inspires young people around the world to cultivate their creative confidence?

The easiest way for information to travel overseas is through the Internet. Hence Cafun will have instagram, twitter and facebook to provide followers with a constant live stream of current themed events and competitions.

Once something is posted on a social networking site it can be viewed all over the world and an increasing number of people will want to be a part of it. It will also allow people with a busy life style to still be a part of Cafun without even coming in for a coffee. Whilst on the move participants in activities could keep updated via social networking apps on their smartphones.

What skills, input or guidance would you like to receive from the OpenIDEO community to help you build out or refine your idea further?

How could I create a Cafun brand & create merchandise that people would buy for example a t shirt with a Cafun logo printed on?

What do you think I could add to Cafun that would help break the ice and encourage new people (other than a free coffee)?


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Photo of Bidur Gurung

Very interesting activity, would love to be a part of it. Talking to a strangers can be bit tricky but I think it would work out very well in the form of doing stuff. I like the idea of expressing your thoughts on the wall. Good job!

Photo of Asif Masood

I think the talking to strangers is a good idea because it would build confidence bid :)

Photo of Yann Hirlimann

I'd love to visit the place. Very interesting meeting place. I think it 's one of the few projects proposing a place where adults and teens can create together. Great idea that would give the confidence to teens to show their creativity. One question that I often ask though? Would you manage to attract the shy teens there, those who really need ot boost their creative confidence? How about having teachers paying a night at the café to their whole class, to incite those teens to come?

Photo of Ajay Parmar

You have a very good point. I can definitely see teachers wanting to bring their class as a whole to Cafun as it would be both beneficial and enjoyable for the students. We could arrange some sort of school group package to encourage this.

Photo of Jonathan Calvert

Great Idea! Full of fun activities to meet new people with the same interests as themselves. I like your incentive idea on paying £5 to take part on all activities or buy a meal and drink and the activities are all free. A great way to generate investment that can be spent on cafun facilities. Maybe you could have comedy events at cafun?

Photo of Ajay Parmar

Thankyou, I love the idea of comedy events! It would be a good laugh and attract a wide variety of people aswell as bringing Cafun some more exposure.

Photo of Betul Salman

love this idea, it encourages many talents at the same time, good way to find new interest and friends with interests.
(cannot believe that you beat me in posting here, i wanted to be the first to post from mdx, lol)
"A shelf dedicated to unpublished books where unknown authors could leave their own for others to enjoy" I loved how you listened to my idea, i have high hopes of this working out :)

Photo of Ajay Parmar

thanks very much for your contribution!

Photo of caterina vrabec

Great Idea! Think that dedicating space to young talented bands and having some music all around could not only enhance new musicians' creativity but also create a perfect Cafun atmosphere. What about hoddies, t-shirts and hats made by the Cafun guys to promote the activity all around the city, like a cool club or a "brand", it could intrigue other people and lead them to become members of the community.

Photo of Ajay Parmar

Thanks for your comment, I love the clothing brand idea and could see that potentially going some where!

Photo of Chris Payne

Great Idea, You have thought of a variety of different ways that you could young people involved to inspire creative confidence. The activities you have thought of seem like very much enjoyable activities which means people would want to get involved.

Photo of yamaha tsung

Great concept! This is the exactly environment where broke though ideas happen! By taking to one and other in a coffee shop allow different people exchange ideas and give advice on some of the work they are working on and learn from their! Maybe one day these ideas will come in handy for your future project!
Here is a link on Ted talk by Steven Johnson about Where good ideas come from! Maybe it will come in handy for your concept!

Photo of William Bristow

Hi Ajay, extremely interesting concept! Can I come to the opening!? As part of the “bringing to other geographies” question, could there be a direct interaction across the globe other than Twitter etc.? Maybe a system using a webcam or other interactions could create a more physical connection abroad.

Using this technology:

Photo of Ajay Parmar

Thanks for your comment will! Webcams could be a brilliant technique for spreading Cafun across countries!

Photo of Diini Omar

This is great idea Ajay
I like it however, if they don't know each other is good
but can you add a secret website to register to the record.

Photo of Nihal Islam

Great concept Ajay! A broad range of creative activities for many young people to participate in allows them to gain confidence by doing them while meeting new people. However some young people may not have the confidence to easily join in with the activities with other people but I think there are enough activities for people to want to participate in allowing them to meet the people who enjoy similar things. Also, I really like the idea of drawing on walls, so you can be creative and draw whatever you like, it's kind of like leaving your mark for next time you come back and being able to show your friends or new people you meet. Great work!

Photo of Valentina Rossi

I truly like this concept, quite similar to mine.

All about having fun, be productive, make friends, and enjoy life the
fullest way possible!!!

Nice one!!

Photo of Meena Kadri

Interesting stuff, Ajay. Digging your notion to reinforce the Cafun brand via social media. Given we're focusing on teens and young adults for this challenge, hosting events at a pub would limit the scope of who could participate. Though building on your cafe tip… I'd let my teens join in if I thought they might be enticed with healthy incentives like fruit smoothies, etc :^)

Photo of Ajay Parmar

Thats an interesting point I will take on board, thanks for your comment

Photo of christos christou

Great work. You have some great activities, I would love to participate.