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Open the 'O'

The 'O' of open is inherently closed - signifies impenetrability - what happens if we open the 'O'?

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The the words Open IDEO as the starting point and break the circle of the O with a wedge. That's it.

A brief story behind the concept:

Trying to keep it really simple - if the logo needs to include the words "Open" and "IDEO", then how little can we add to communicate openess? Or is it possible to take something away?

Why this for OpenIDEO?

Can't say it meets all these criteria, but by breaking the letter "O" open, it breaks a shape that has always been closed, indicating that we are moving into a new era of collaboration and we are willing to set aside principles that previously were given. It couldn't be much more transparent - there's nothing there.

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Photo of Andrew Burroughs

By the way - I know the fonts don't match.