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Our very first challenge was to design the website logo. We launched this challenge internally at IDEO to do two things: beta test our site – and get the crowd designing the logo for us. We asked the crowd: what logos, typefaces, graphics, or sketches inspire you? At the end of the challenge, the winning idea became the logo that you see now!

We got some great inspiration during the first phase. Then offline we synthesized all the inspiration into themes that were bubbling up from all the contributions, things like 'Network', 'Local vs Global', and' Dynamic'. Using those themes and the inspiration thus far, the community added their concepts. it was fascinating to see how the concepts built upon each other, and some interesting directions started to take shape. Twenty concepts were selected based on the feedback and applause that they had received. These twenty then had one week to finalize their concepts before evaluation. The evaluation phase allowed everyone to have their say on which concept should go forwards to become the OpenIDEO logo. Set criteria were used to make this judgement; things like fit with our community principles, and just how much they loved it. Martin Kay's idea made it through, and with a little bit of finesse, is what you see now as our new logo! The idea is a great one because every time you refresh the browser it changes to a new hand-drawn 'Open', made by different people's handwriting. If you want to have a go at making your own, just write the word Open and email it to us at Thanks & we hope you enjoy OpenIDEO! The community shared their thoughts and vision for the OpenIDEO logo.

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