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ZEBREDU | Customized learner-driven learning experience

ZEBREDU is a platform that enables children and their parents learn what, how, where and when they want

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  • Parent/Caregiver

Tell us about your idea

Irrespective of education system, many families share the pains and needs that my family has identified for ourselves. We feel very constrained in finding the right learning content (curriculum), particularly for live face-to-face education, and forced to choose whatever is currently offered on the market rather than let our daughter follow her passions and interests. Even if we find interesting candidates, there usually exist economic (e.g. expensive private tutoring), logistic (disturbed daily schedules and time lost commuting to attend learning activities) and social (e.g. inability to learn with friends, colleagues) barriers that prevent us from experiencing learning of our choice.

This is why, we came out with an idea to create a platform/service that would make it possible to children and their parents to design their ideal learning environments (say what they want to learn, in what form, where and when), receive offers matching their designs and, upon acceptance of the offer, enjoy their dream learning with an option of sharing their experience with their friends, neighbours, etc.

What part(s) of the pre-COVID school system do you wish to leave in the past? Why?

The assumption that a school needs to be a physical building with a predefined set of classes, teachers, learning programmes, largely uniform to everybody Grading Memorisation Disconnection with the needs of future professional lives of the children

Tell us a little bit about yourself and what inspired you to share this idea.

I am a finance professional with passion for education. As a father of a 10-year-old daughter I face the challenges and shortcomings of contemporary education systems and try to find ways to overcome them for my family but also for other identifying similar pains.

I am now in the process of doing primary market research to verify to what extent the problem I identified is shared in my country (Poland) and globally in order to better understand the learners' need and design a useful solution.

OpenIDEO's Reimagine Learning Challenge is an excellent opportunity for me to collect invaluable feedback on my idea.

What region are you located in?

  • Europe

Where are you located?

I live in the city of Lodz, located in the center of Poland. Lodz is one of the 5 largest cities in Poland, with approx. 700k inhabitants. My family lives in the green suburb in a semi-detached house. Our daughter attends a private primary school located in the city-center. Me and my wife, we frequently commute for business purposes to Warsaw, the capital city of Poland, located approx. 130 km from where we live.

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Photo of Naylee Nagda

Hi Adam, thank you so much for contributing to this challenge! I appreciate that your idea is focused on the struggles you are facing as a parent. You have noted something quite important which is ensuring your daughter can still follow her passions and interests. I am curious if you have talked to teachers and asked them about tailored education experiences on their end! Also, I would encourage you to have a discussion with Asif Uber, but for finding Remote Teachers! to see if there are any shared learnings or ideas!

Photo of Adam Markiewicz

Hi Naylee!

Thanks for your comments.

My idea is to focus on learners, who would drive their learning experience and not only accept what is offered by teachers. And many teachers, in the literal meaning of the word, that I interviewed in Poland, would not follow this direction. I'd rather think of anyone as a potential tutor/trainer - what is needed is passion on a given area and an ability and willingness to share knowledge but not the teachers' "papers". In this sense my idea is similar to Asif Mojtoba Kabir 's and so I'm thankful for sharing his idea with me.

What is different, however, my idea did not originate out of the pandemic situation but well ahead and is not about remote learning but learning in general with a focus on social interactions and handling the logistics challenges of "chasing" valuable learning opportunities.

Do you see anyone else having a similar idea? What is the next step in the challange?