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Virtual Experiential Learning

Using WebGL to develop multi-user, multi-platform, multi-dimension and multi-lingual experiential learning applications for everyone

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Tell us about your idea

Virtual Reality should go mainstream in education. The best way to experience learning is using a virtual experiential learning platform. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video or animation is worth a thousand pictures. An extension of that is, a Virtual Reality application such as games is worth a thousand videos or animations. So learning from one Virtual Reality application is like learning from thousands of videos and animations!. When we learn by experiencing a subject matter, we can better understand and apply what we learn. Virtual experiential learning aims to do just that. Welcome to a new way of learning.

What part(s) of the pre-COVID school system do you wish to leave in the past? Why?

1. The use of physical books should be replaced with interactive 3d models with experiential learning environment for more interesting and effective learning. 2. Physical personal teachers should be replaced with global consortium of teachers who can aid a student based on best experience and availability. 3. Students are free to ask questions regarding syllabus to any educators globally and get graded by making connections to other students and teachers internationally. 4. Physical classrooms may be limited to occasional special and specific events only and the students are free to study at home or on the go anywhere but must remain connected to the school via learning applications.

Tell us a little bit about yourself and what inspired you to share this idea.

I was a university lecturer specializing in Virtual Reality and Immersive Technology. In 2009, won a merit award in APICTA (Asia Pacific ICT Award) for Virtual Learning. In 2010, won Gold Medal for ITEX (International Technology Exposition) in Malaysia. I was also the Head of Virtual Reality department and Vice Chairman of Center for Virtual Reality & Immersive Technology from 2007-2010. In 2015, I quit lecturing to create and head a company to do Virtual Reality applications. One of our project was the Virtual Hajj project with Saudi government. See the project live at: In 2019, I quit the company and now doing freelance.

What region are you located in?

  • South-eastern Asia

Where are you located?

I am residing in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The city I am in is Ampang. I live in the suburbs. The neighborhood is very friendly and helpful especially during this pandemic and as a community, we are all concerned about the future of schooling and education for our kids.

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Virtual Hajj Web App engine layout


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Photo of Rachel Siegel

Thank you for posting your idea on this platform, Azid Barja ! My name is Rachel and I'm one of the Community Coaches. I appreciate that your idea supports global connections for learners and educators alike. How do you imagine VR fits within the current remote learning school system? Once students can "safely return" to their educational environments, how might your idea be incorporated? Would love to hear more!

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HI Rachel! Thanks for the feedback. On VR in remote learning, it is about learning via experiencing or experiential learning. The virtual hajj project for instance, a pilgrim wanting to learn hajj usually take a 16 week course at a local mosque, and was taught using slides and videos and of course tutoring by teachers. Using virtual hajj program, one can learn hajj in 3-4 hours and remember better as if one has 'experienced' it. Same can be applied to subjects of geography, history, physics, biology and even math. Imagine learning transfer of kinetic energy between masses. A heavy truck hit a light bicycle shows the simulation of what will happen vs a heavy truck hitting another heavy truck. Hope the analogy helps...