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Virtual Classroom Keyboard for Small Kids

Proving independence to 3 to 6 years old kids during the virtual kindergarten lessons.

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I am a.....

  • Usability Engineer and cousin of a kindergarten-student

Tell us about your idea

This idea came from hearing the complaints from my cousin and her 4-year-old daughter classes during working hours (more on this below).

One of the main complaints from my cousin was the need to prioritize the kid’s lessons over her own job because her assistance was required for turning on/off the microphone, telling her daughter when her teacher was calling her, and show her things in the computer so that she could participate in the classroom.

I propose a simple keyboard with basic commands and features that enhance the participation of the small ones in the virtual classes and allows the parents to reduce the level of attention and support required from their part during the lessons.

This keyboard may look similar to the toy in the images attached and could have the following features:

  • An automatic turn-on of the microphone by voice command, when the teacher calls the student name including a set of lights to catch the attention of the kid and indicate that it is his/her turn to participate.

  • An included speaker to have the keyboard class and listen closely.

  • Specific keys for kindergarten classes. For example, arrows to point things in the screen or buttons with lights that when the options are presented, could be part of the keyboard and are more suited to the kids' motor skills.

  • The interactivity could be activated by voice command from the teacher or by the main device in the hands of the teacher or even better from the virtual classroom platform.

What part(s) of the pre-COVID school system do you wish to leave in the past? Why?

I would leave in the past the necessity of on-site pre-school classes for the development of the kids' minds and instead provide flexibility to allow them to continue learning outside from school or even if the parents need to take the kids away for some days (in case of work trips for example).

Tell us a little bit about yourself and what inspired you to share this idea.

It inspired me to hear stories about parents struggling between work and running classes for their children because the control of the teacher is limited to the computer interface. New platforms like Kahoot offer interactive practices and they could extend the users to small children with the aid of an easy to understand keyboard that they can control independently.

Where are you located?

I come from Costa Rica, a country that has prioritized education over an army. I am located in the capital city, San José where you can find many public and private daycare centers and kindergartens.

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Nice idea and very interactive!