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Uber, but for finding Remote Teachers/Facilitators!

Pre-recorded noninteractive online courses are monotonous. This solution will help the students to find teachers to learn any topics easily.

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  • Student

Tell us about your idea

Pre-recorded courses sometimes become so monotonous. Students miss the realtime experience, communications, and feedbacks. 

Hence, I'm coming up with this proposal:

Select a topic, search for the Teacher/Facilitator who is willing to teach that topic in realtime.
Or, request the topic that you want to learn; set a schedule.

To elaborate, the said platform would be a realtime collaboration between the learners and teachers. Anybody can teach/learn anything here (obviously maintaining the basic social core values).

Teachers/Facilitator may open some gigs, for example, "I will teach you about Mandelbrot Set"; meanwhile, students/learners would also be able to post their request, "I want to learn about Quine Programs"

Furthermore, individual subjects could also be mentioned here. Additionally, while talking to some awesome people here in the comment section, I was thinking to come up with the different levels of Teachers/Facilitators. Level 1/2/3/Pro/etc. This Leveling would help the students to distinguish between the good and average Teachers/Facilitators. Along with these, I want to add Gamification via rewarding Teachers/Facilitators/Students/Parents/users according to their performances. 

On the other hand, I also want to give a chance to the Teachers/Facilitator to earn some remunerations. Also, I am also open to let them using the rewarding points to purchase some extra perks or something, for example, free membership for a certain amount of months/years from any renowned partnered-companies or others. 

Overall, I really want to make the learning experience more interactive and fun. Giving the chance to everyone to meet new people, make a stronger network. 

What part(s) of the pre-COVID school system do you wish to leave in the past? Why?

Being locked in one faculty only. I mean, for example, if I have a Chemistry class, then I would be getting one particular Chemistry teacher; what if I don't like his way of teaching Chemistry. For online resources, if I don't like something, then I can change the course, may learn the same topic from a different channel, websites, and all; but, for schools, we get stuck with one teacher only! I hope it was easier to change classes if you don't like your teacher much.

Tell us a little bit about yourself and what inspired you to share this idea.

I'm an undergraduate student, studying Computer Science. Meanwhile, working as a User Experience Designer. I've struggled a lot in my school life, to understand very silly topics! haha.
Therefore, I always feel like, it would be really great if anyone could learn anything from anyone from anywhere on any time, while just staying at home. 

What region are you located in?

  • Southern Asia

Where are you located?

Dhaka, Bangladesh. Dhaka, also spelled Dacca, the city, and the capital of Bangladesh. It's a highly-populated area. Well, people are kinda friendly tho; we always have a smile on our face, even though sometimes we don't even know how bad the situation is!


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Photo of Adam Markiewicz

Hi Asif Mojtoba Kabir !

Looks like we have somehow similar ideas with different focus areas. Please check out mine - ZEBREDU | Customized learner-driven learning experience and let me know your comments.

Interesting to see that you seem to place much trust in teachers in your country while I see it slightly differently - anyone can teach/tutor/train.

Let me know if you are interested in setting up a video/call to share our insights.



Photo of Asif Mojtoba Kabir

Hi Adam Markiewicz 

Hope you're doing well. I've just finished reading your idea. We kinda have a similar idea, in the broader sense. Meanwhile, I really loved your idea specifically mentioning the Parents.

We now may just create a single platform where anyone can learn/teach anything. Meanwhile, we may just bring up some tags, for example, the Twitter-verification mark; these marks will help the regular students/parents/learners to distinguish between the official-teachers and regular facilitators.
Additionally, we may also bring up some Levels, for example, Level 1/2/Pro/New/etc Teacher/Facilitator. These levels will help regular learners to find the most experienced teachers/facilitators.

I would really love to discuss more; please feel free to send me a direct message to schedule our video call. I'm not being able to send you any private message here, sadly.

Btw would you be open to teaming up? We may work as a team here, I think.

Photo of Adam Markiewicz

Hi @Asif Mojtoba Kabir, sorry for belated reply. I'm working on my idea for a few months now, still evaluating the market through primary market research. You seem to be already in the solutions mode while I still try to understand where the problems lie. Not sure what do you mean by teaming up but let's explore our respective ideas. My email is Please email me you availability for a call (approx. 1 hour) over the coming days. Best, Adam.

Photo of Isaac Jumba

Hi Asif Mojtoba Kabir , really exciting to read through the progress of your idea over the last few weeks and some potential collaboration with Adam!
With the deadline for the Ideas submissions approaching quickly on May 26, It might be helpful to update your submission with additional information such as the progress you have made so far , the feedback you have received and any other information from the comments to ensure that all of your insights are captured for our evaluators

Photo of Tamas Simon

hey Asif Mojtoba Kabir 
I am thinking along a similar reasoning...
however, in today's world there really only needs to be one (maybe a handful)  person in the world who can explain a topic better than anybody else.
If you can learn from the best, read their book watch their video... then why would you go and consume content from anyone else?
Then what exactly is the "sage on stage" doing?
Their role changes from "teacher" to "facilitator".
You don't need an Uber of "teachers". You need an Uber of "facilitators"
Does the facilitator need to know everything? I don't think so. You can read, he/she can read.
So then what?...
Have you heard about the "granny cloud" - from Sugata Mitra, TED proze winner, education researcher.
It's an "uber of grandmas" so to speak... Granny does one thing, gives unconditional praise and appreciation. Then the students learn by themselves.
So one role of the facilitator is to be like granny.
If we don't want the students to be left on their own, then they need something else from the facilitators.
I think they need enthusiasm. Enthusiasm is contagious. And you cannot really get it online from recorded videos. It is much better live.
That is it.
Then we need to create automation that helps facilitators to deliver lessons. Lesson plans, and AI augmentation.

Photo of Asif Mojtoba Kabir

Hello Tamas,

Fair points. "facilitator" would be a better choice of word.

Thank you.

Photo of Naylee Nagda

Hi Asif, I am Naylee Nagda; a community coach and I am glad you are posting an idea out of your own experiences as a student! It really would be great if we could learn about various topics from our favorite professors! I had a couple of questions out of curiosity:

- Do you see this as a localized solution? Would you want to tune into classes from other universities?

- There are various platforms for online learning where you can learn by topic e.g. Khan Academy, Youtube, Coursera, Edx. It might be interesting to research why they are popular and highlighting the similarities and differences your idea has with these platforms.

Looking forward to seeing what you come up with! Goodluck :)

Photo of Asif Mojtoba Kabir

Hi Naylee Nagda 
Hope you're doing well.

1- I would go for localized solution for now; I mean, Bangladeshi students mostly speaks Bengali; so, it would better for them if they found Teachers giving lectures in Bangla. The same goes for other countries, focusing on the native languages mostly.

2- My focus was on direct 1-1 communication. Back-to-back conversation; on the said examples provided by you, students don't get to ask the questions like "Why this? Why not that?". Yes, they might write comments sometimes, that being answered by the teachers; however, we are missing the realtime conversation here most.

This is just a raw idea. Iterating the process several times, and doing a bit of user study and market research and all; would surely bring more features to this, which might come handy.

Thank you :)

Photo of Bettina Fliegel

Hi Asif and Naylee.
I really like your suggestion Asif. I live in NYC where everyone except essential workers are "on pause" staying home. Things feel different and slower these days. It occurred to me that as many are working from home and many also have lost employment or their work hours may have been cut back, people are now available in ways that they might not have been before. This made me wonder if there might be people interested in tutoring students, as you suggest one to one, in their areas of expertise. (This tutoring might extend to students of all ages.)

Have you spoken to any friends, family members, about your idea? Is this something they might consider doing - as teacher?

Photo of Asif Mojtoba Kabir

Hii Bettina Fliegel 

Kinda same situation is at Dhaka, Bangladesh too. Almost everyone is "on pause".

In my country, tutoring is very common actually. The government won't pay much to the teachers, therefore, they always end up tutoring for earning some extra money. It's very very common. And, at this current moment, all the educational institutions are closed down, so, teachers are mostly spending some boring time, sadly. Most of them really missing teaching.
I've talked with only two-person tho; however, I'm totally confident that, most of them would love to do something like this.

Photo of Bettina Fliegel

Hi again!
Are you thinking this service would be for a fee, or on a voluntary basis?
In addition to teachers might there be others with varied skills that might want to contribute in this way? I imagine a need across a spectrum of content - from basic reading and math skills for young children, to high level courses in science etc.

There is a volunteer lead organization that has sprung up here locally, to support people during this pandemic, that I find inspiring. It was started in early March, by three friends, to provide shopping services to those who cannot leave their homes. (elderly, medically vulnerable etc.) Volunteers include shoppers, and coordinators who work remotely - connecting need to help. In a short time this group has grown and created much impact! The volunteers' dedication is very impressive. Maybe there are some learnings here on how to connect need to service?
They have a website, and use Instagram to highlight stories about their volunteers.

How might a system be set up to find and connect learners, with people who want to contribute at this time, as tutors/coaches, using technology?

Photo of Asif Mojtoba Kabir

Hi Bettina Fliegel 

-I'm actually not sure tbh; all the teachers/"facilitator" might have some 'free' slots, however, they would also get some options to decide their hourly fees or something. Being frank, I need to work on this point.

-A teacher/"facilitator" would be selecting topics that they want to teach while setting up their profile; meanwhile, the students would be searching for that topic. People who are online mentioned that topic on their profile would be shown to the students then.
If nobody is online, then the students would be able to drop a request on the request section.

Thank you so much for providing those links; I would surely have a look there :)