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Through partnerships renovate existing Digital Learning platforms to include the PWDs students to leave no one behind

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No one must be left behind in education and economic enabling opportunities!

Our mission is to provide equal access to education that will be operated remotely to students stricken with all forms of disabilities and medical conditions which are tutored and coached by trained employed Adults stricken with all forms of disabilities and medical conditions.

Since 2016, our Social Enterprise has collaborated with our nation, Malaysia's largest education content and resource provider to renovate and innovate their existing Virtual and Mobile Tuition Platform to be 100% accessible friendly for the Disabled students and tutors to use within their comfort zone safely without barriers. The Gap in education and economic enabling opportunities and equalities has left many of this marginalised and needy PWD communities trapped in poverty.

But now, more than ever, the Digital Age can transform this landscape thanks to the easy availability of accessible technology on computers and mobile devices that has even enabled the Blind and Deaf people to navigate around this space easily within their comfort levels i.e to learn and earn without barriers. The wide coverage and usage of Wifi and Mobile have further enhanced equalities for all. Technology is truly inclusive and our work is to collaborate with existing and proven digital platforms, be it in education or digital commerce i.e  to renovate and innovate their platforms to be 100% accessible for the PWDs to operate and use. Our project equips and enables these PWD students and adults to both learn and earn equally remotely even in Pandemic times such as the Covid-19 now, in meeting 3  of UN SDGs of equalities in education and economic enabling opportunities leading to Zero  Poverty!

What part(s) of the pre-COVID school system do you wish to leave in the past? Why?

That the most vulnerable of them i.e PWD students can have equal access to quality accessible education digitally remotely safely within their comfort level anytime any place that can also be tutored and coached remotely by PWD Graduates and Adults providing this often left behind communities even with an economic enabling opportunity post-Covid-19. We can do this by digitally renovating existing virtual and mobile learning platforms to be 100% accessible for even the Blind students

Tell us a little bit about yourself and what inspired you to share this idea.

I was a former Entrepreneur interested only to enrich myself but then I lost my eyesight to Glaucoma 12 years ago aged 45. Since turning Blind, I  was transformed to be a Social Worker, Activist and Entrepreneur to enrich others especially the often marginalised PWD children and youths. I want to inspire these PWD children and youths to look beyond their disabilities and that they too can be a contributor rather than be seen as a burden to society and their families.

What region are you located in?

  • South-eastern Asia

Where are you located?

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


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Photo of Isaac Jumba

Hi Stevens Chan  , really exciting to read through the progress of your idea over the last few weeks.
With the deadline for the Ideas submissions approaching quickly on May 26, It might be helpful to update your submission with additional information such as the progress you have made so far (a link to the feedback from the prototype) and any other information from the comments to ensure that all of your insights are captured for our evaluators

Photo of Stevens Chan

Hi Isaac Jumba Our Project will be engaging another additional 60 blind students and an additional 3 Blind tutors and coaches in June 2020..looking towards engaging even more

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