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Teachers Change Roles

During this very situation, teachers should become more like pschologists, social workers than instructors.

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With the new pandemic obliging us to stay home, the role of teachers should be altered to meet the challenges of this time. The role of teaching as an instruction medium should get upgradeded to something more like counselling, social work, life skill promoters...

I have personally offered help to my students, the way social workers work and I am very ready to volunteer outside home in whatever I can be needed for. I participated in online hachathons to solve the situation not only locally but globally; and I even have a project idea of an application that needs funding.  

What part(s) of the pre-COVID school system do you wish to leave in the past? Why?

The issue that teachers are not accustomed and trained on this direction must be be urgently paid attention to so as to include training teachers in domains like life skills strategies, social work, social entrepreneruship, medication and working under emergeny situations. I even call governments to seek candidates who have these qualities or experinces when they call for teaching vcancies. This what should be the new trend of teaching beside information technology literacy.

Tell us a little bit about yourself and what inspired you to share this idea.

I belong to a a category of population normally considered educated. Education for me i not the one that takes part only inside the four walls, but a mission in life to bring school outside. I have ever been involved in social work and I believe that education should get out of its old notion to the one of being a physical activity- not just the one concerned with instruction and theory.

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  • Northern Africa

Where are you located?

Goulmima, Morocco


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Photo of Naylee Nagda

Hi Hicham, thank you for posting your idea! The pandemic has caused a sudden change and forced many into unexpected situations and brought on a whole new set of difficulties such as mental health and the wellbeing of students. It is great that you can be there for your students beyond just the role of academic facilitation.

I am curious as to how you received the training to be a counselor/ social worker and how might you train and empower other teachers to immediately offer the same services to their students. I would also love to know, what kind of topics your students ask for help with during this pandemic and how you help them. There could be great learnings from there to assist other teachers!

Photo of Hicham FILALI ZEHRI

Thank you Naylee. By this idea, I would like to bring forth the moral function of teachers in life. And when you speak about this, then it follows that their roles should extend the class space to the global space itself. I was already involved in social work and this is why I treat education and students as a social work domain than an education domain.
Teachers should be trained on this types of skills along the pedagogical one. I am speaking of leadership.