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Student Services for all

Students that are looking to best understand the curriculum or are seeking additional resources need a place to go to learn more.

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Tell us about your idea

There are a number of help resources for students to reference when offline from the classroom...but it takes a lot of time and effort to pair with a specific curriculum.  Why not make an uber student resource cite that is complete with walkthroughs, quizzes, videos, etc that helps student learning when offline from the classroom.  This should be a free resource that is accessible by all students who want to master the content.

What part(s) of the pre-COVID school system do you wish to leave in the past? Why?

Leaving students to find their own resource, which may or may not be curriculum standard. This can add to the frustration for students when trying to find avenues that will help them solve learning gaps. I believe that these online resources will help students supplement in class instruction.

Tell us a little bit about yourself and what inspired you to share this idea.

Seeing the disparate tools that students need to utilize ranging from Google Classroom, Resources like Khan's Academy, Youtube, and potentially even connecting with fellow classmates.  Currently, there is no single repository that is structured to help with the content administered in a District or classroom.  

At my work, enablement tools are all centrally housed, curated and available for all employees, I'd view this as similar for students.  Take the guesswork out of searching online, uplevel a best practice tool and make it simple so that all students have equal access to quality help.

What region are you located in?

  • North America

Where are you located?

New Haven Unified School District, Union City, CA


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Hi Stan. In your experience are there teachers that point students to specific resources to use for class topics?
I wonder if a mechanism was created to upload and house resources, whether students themselves could contribute and build it, as they move through a curriculum, searching for and finding resources that they need to fill in these gaps?

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While I think that students can help other students, when having a centralized portal, the content can get just as clutter-y as a random Google search. In my mind, the content would have the following core traits: an overview of the lesson on the curriculum, a teacher explained video (or write up), useful tools like a quick reference sheet (1 pager), teaching aids - mnemonics, a way to visualize the lesson aspect being taught, quizzes and other helpful links. I believe these best practice tools should be identified/created/curated by an educational professional (not a student).

The interaction that I'd expect on the student side is to "upvote" or "like" content so that we could see which pieces are resonating and which are not.

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Hi! I like the student feedback component. (upvoting...)
Do you envision this being standardized across classes/grade levels in a school district?