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Self-Learning Kits for Off-the-Network Students

Innovation is not only having the latest technology to address the needs of the community, but rather maximization of resources available.

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While this pandemic has dragged us to the "new normal", the challenge varies among different places globally. How can we use technology as a solution in reimagining the new learning system if in some places, its access is the problem?

With the printed self-learning kits, physical contact between the teachers and students can be minimized. It can be monitored weekly by the teachers in a house-to-house checking. However, the involvement of the parents are crucial. Collaboration between the teacher and parents is necessary for this new mode of learning.   

What part(s) of the pre-COVID school system do you wish to leave in the past? Why?

overcrowding inside the classroom

Tell us a little bit about yourself and what inspired you to share this idea.

I am a public school teacher in a rural town in Bataan, Philippines. No other inspiration but the experience I had with my off-the-network students. 

What region are you located in?

  • South-eastern Asia

Where are you located?

Morong, Bataan, Philippines is a small town located in the shore of the West Philippine Sea. There are remote areas without access to the Internet but our people here are resilient enough to prove that poverty is not an excuse not to be educated.


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Photo of Emmanuel Ani

Hi Juan. I like your idea. Have you considered any means for online transfer of learning content for printing, say, to regional heads or to families with internet access and a printer? How would you ensure the adequate transfer of knowledge to the kids, taking into consideration the levels of education of parents that may have difficulties reading or writing effectively? What about opportunities for collaboration between students? Cheers.

Photo of Juan Kristopier Angeles

HI Emmanuel!
Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Actually, I have the same concerns for myself. However, I am really thinking of ways how will it work in our situation now here in the Philippines.

As per the online transfer of SLK contents, our regional heads have spearheaded the publications of SLK in the last two years. The problem is, they have not foreseen this pandemic and the possible need for restructuring of the curriculum. Thus, I can say that the printed SLKs have learning competencies aligned for a classroom-based instruction. And with this, revision of the SLK is needed.

As an educator, I also can say that we also have the problem here with the levels of education of parents. Thus, to address this concern, collaboration with the teacher is a must. If the parent is a non-reader, a sibling, or a relative could also help. The improvement should be monitored by the teacher, twice or more times a week.

I am also considering that this would be more successful with the help of sponsors that can purchase low-cost android phones for the kids that should be returned to the school after the school year. With android phones, printing of papers can be avoided and the teachers can use offline apps to monitor and check the outputs.

As per the opportunities for collaboration, it can be acquired from the activities in the SLKs. An example of this is a culminating activity involving collaborative poster making, in which each of the students will have to draw a part of the artwork about the lesson. And this artwork can be done house-to-house without working at it the same time.

I hope these insights satisfy your queries. :-)

Photo of Emmanuel Ani

Great. Let's see how it goes.