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Search meets Chat

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  • Free lancer, online educator

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At any moment of any day, millions of people all over the world are searching for various bits of information. Millions of those people are searching for the same information. Each of these millions of people begin their search with a piece of the puzzle. If the result they were looking for was a loaf of bread, they have at least some breadcrumbs, and at most a nearly full loaf, with only a few slices missing. However, while collaboration has entered the enterprise, and in the public arena has even entered file transfer (peer to peer), it hasn't entered search, until now.

Now, based on the context of a users search, based on keywords or search strings, these disconnected searchers across the world can be brought together, bringing their breadcrumbs and slices with them. Helping one another find the results they desire in a socially dynamic way.This collaborative search will help users approach their searches in ways they never imagined before, from directions they would have never thought of coming. Suddenly search doesn't just give us the answers we're looking for, it gives us much more. It gives us answers we needed, but didn't know we needed. SearChat allows us to deliver insight as well as answers.

By acting as a middleman between the user and the search engine, SearChat is able to intercept their search query and simultaneously use it to connect to other searchers, and use it in the tranditional manner and return search results from the users preferred search engines. SearChat includes a web based interface, as well as a toolbar or browser extension. Users can search and participate in multiple SearChats by "popping" the chat windows out of the parent window and giving the user the ability to participate in several chats simultaneously.

SearChatters can use this collaborative method in a variety of more focused ways as well, including Real-time ride share searches, which will connect users with other users in their area who are going to their destination. reSearChat allows students of all backgrounds to connect to one another and access educational resources, including lectures, videos and subscription based journals (depending on reSearChat subscription). People can engage in e-commerce transactions, such as online auctions, in ways they never did before using SearChaChing, now the auction feels more like a traditional auction, with chatters able to voice their bids and opinions, and sellers able to answer questions in real-time. This could transition us from the 7 day online auction to online auctions that move much more quickly.

SearChat operates on the belief that there is no transaction, online or offline, that can't be improved by a collaborative experience.And as Search meets Chat , we leap into the next big social  evolution in the cyber space.





What part(s) of the pre-COVID school system do you wish to leave in the past? Why?

Making online education Interactive and collaborative in ways not possible before.

Tell us a little bit about yourself and what inspired you to share this idea.

This idea has origin in 2010 when I had a aha moment thinking about an idea for submission in an innovative contest. The idea did not make it then.But I see great potential in this in the current situation and has hence resurrected it.

What region are you located in?

  • Southern Asia

Where are you located?

Hyderabad,India I am a free lancer, educator with some accomplishments in innovation contests • Literacy grand prize winner ,Pearson Foundation • UNESCO-Nokia literacy project winner • Third prize in i2i contest by Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC). 2011


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Photo of Rachel Siegel

Another really strong idea, Sanjith yeruva ! I find it truly inspirational that the focus lies in real-time collaboration on a topic/search of interest. The possibilities! I am curious to learn more about how you see SearChat being used in the remote learning context. How do you see teachers/students/parents engaging in this platform? Thank you for sharing...

Photo of Sanjith yeruva

Thanks Rachel for your comments. Definitely use cases need to be defined.
A school project(with top search key words like virus, covid 19, summer holidays , PPEs etc).kids are given a task collaborate with like minded searchers across the world(different time zones) and schedule interaction considering different time zones, gain perspectives from multiple nationalities, cultures, races ,languages etc and collate the information.
Kids will learn how to connect with rest of world, over come language barriers, gain wider perspective.
This can be moderated by teachers and parents.
Hope this use case makes sense. Ty