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Revisiting the basics for elementary remote learning

Consolidate only value added learning tools into one platform for truly online learning

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The public school system should assign a task force to gather insights and design the right content, supporting tools and overall process under one platform to give children a true learning impactful experience in a remote environment. Today, children have to jump (parents end up doing the logistics for the little ones to access the right platform) from one platform to another to do assignments. Some of the tools are dated and the content is not even relevant. I think this is also an opportunity for teachers to revisit curriculum and how that is taught. 

What part(s) of the pre-COVID school system do you wish to leave in the past? Why?

Dated tools, poor quality content (i.e. science and social studies are really bad), focus less on scores and focus more on help develop thought process in children; bureaucracy has no place in school. Why? after these past few weeks experiencing first hand content I am very disappointed at the type of poor quality education my children are receiving in the public school system.

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I am a process improvement and implementation consultant. I have been supporting the Teaching Team as an AC within IdeoU for the last 2/3 years. I have learned how to approach change challenges as a designer and with the user at the heart of the process. This health crisis has made crystal clear that children are not at the center of the school system design process. Public schools have proven to be dated. IMO they should give way to magnet, charters, private only. Public schools are too heavy in admin, they've lost their purpose. I think it is an uphill battle trying to improve them. We need a whole new educational model with private sector and SMEs involvement.  

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City: Miami Neighborhood: Surfside


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Hi Bettina Fliegel I really don't want to be in the "front line of teaching". I had to cut down hours at my work because I cannot do it all as many other parents. If I think in terms of people, process and tools...

1. People: Most teachers are not trained and equipped to navigate a remote learning environment. This is to me shocking in the 21st century given that remote collaboration has existed for years in the workplace.
2. Process: public school system is no different from other governmental organization and bureaucracy hinders flexibility and innovation. That's why I don't think the current state can evolve into a relevant future state unless there is a complete overhaul of the school system as we know it.
3. Tools: curricula and content is out of touch with the workplace skills.

As a parent I want to go back to work while my kids are safe and learning. The experience of homeschooling should be designed with the user in mind - the children, the parents and the teachers. What we are experiencing today is a patch work of disconnected actions that are costly, unable to scale and what is worst no one has even tested. There is not such thing as social distance among children.

Some of the things I think should be implemented are training plan for teachers, lessons on you tube or TV, a learning online schedule with a teacher available (just like during school hours).
There are many successful learning resources (IdeoU, math academies, universities STEM programs, etc.). In my opinion, schools shouldn't be spinning the wheel. They don't have the foundations neither knowledge to create a meaningful learning experience, they should rely on those who have be doing for years and learn from others.

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