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Remote Learning Idea Starter

Some idea-sparking questions from a local elementary school.

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My mom works at a local elementary school and they are currently going through the process of planning for the next school year. These are some questions that the principal has sent to the staff to try and come up for solutions to major challenges. I thought this document might be beneficial to discussion/brainstorming for users of this platform. Here are the questions in text:

- How do we humanize school with social distancing?

- How might we support our young students who express themselves through hugging, chasing, and playing tag?

- How do we envision play given the parameters of social distancing?
- How do we continue to provide social opportunities and emotional connection for students?

- How could a blended learning model be organized for maximum benefit? What would be the focus for in-person learning versus remote?

- Where do we begin in the fall in regard to the curriculum and backslide? How can we continue to collaborate and share to support all students?

- How do we continue to build community with families?
- How can Project-Based Learning be maintained during distance or blended learning?

- Where do we begin in the fall with students who were already vulnerable learners who have lost ground?

- How would specials be managed? P.E., Library, Music, Art, etc.

- What are some ideas regarding how we can structure intervention support and special education services?

- How can we best support the parents?

What part(s) of the pre-COVID school system do you wish to leave in the past? Why?

This document shows me that the school is making a visible effort to adapt to a changing world/environment and improve their own systems. To me, this is in stark contrast to the approach many schools have traditionally held, the attitude that they have a working system, so there is no need to change it. This attitude needs to stay in the past. In the corporate world, companies that fail to innovate and adapt go out of business. Schools, on the other hand, will receive funding whether they change or not, which leads to complacency, a lack of motivation to innovate. Brainstorming sessions like this should take place every year in schools; there is always room for improvement and students could benefit greatly if the education system as a whole made more of an effort to stay up to date and flexible.

Tell us a little bit about yourself and what inspired you to share this idea.

I'm a recent high school graduate who is currently taking a gap year. My neighbor reached out to me to become a community coach for this challenge, and after reading and becoming inspired by the wonderful ideas on the platform, I have started to reach out to those around me to hear their ideas and input on remote learning and education. My mom was helpful by sharing this document with me, which sparked this post.

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  • North America

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I live in Palo Alto, California, a suburb about an hour south of San Francisco.


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Really lovely questions. Thanks for posting! I hope others are inspired to ask the same as they prepare for the school reopening.

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Thank you! I hope so too.

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