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Remote Learning

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The Idea of Remote Learning should not be the same for all age groups. 

For Grade 1 - Grade 4: Kids have less attention span. They are more focused while watching favorite Cartoons / Marvel characters either on TV or  Videos or listening to songs 

Idea for Grade 1-4: 


Most schools have their own apps these days. Through apps they can share the lessons to be learnt by parents who in turn can teach their kids. Lessons could be in the format of PDF, PPTs or audiobooks.

Happy learning through videos: 

While schools are using video streaming solutions like ZOOM, kids should be allowed to select 2 favourite Marvel / cartoon / mythology characters, one as teacher other as self from list of available characters to enjoy the video. Kids can enjoy and learn through these characters. Such videos can be streamed, watched & retrieved at any time. 

For activity: 

Teachers can stream art / drawing activity through school app with instructions below. Kids can view the art / activity, learn and upload video on app. Best art video gets awarded. 

For Grades 5 -10

Use Audio conferencing: Listening skills improve with age. Hence, using audio for teaching can be effective. Teachers can use audio conferencing. Kids can listen to audio. These audio's can be recorded and heard at any point. 

For Grades above grade 10: Kids like to learn in Group. 

Group learning: Unlike MS teams, teachers & students can form groups and use Audio / Video to learn. 

Virtual university: Students can login and enter the 3-D/4-D world of classrooms where the feel is unlike classroom. Learn by looking at 3-D/4-D video /audio. Talk to friends next to you through chat rooms. 

For Q&A: Schools can use chat rooms and dedicated time slots for each grade for Q&A. 

Assignments: Objective type assignments. Completion of assignments by peers can be linked to app so that kids can know who have completed the assignments and motivate themselves to complete them on-time

Assessment & Grading: Use objective type questions to gauge kids understanding of concepts / lessons 

 Teacher - Parent meet: Through MS teams or similar solutions / chat rooms on app. 

What part(s) of the pre-COVID school system do you wish to leave in the past? Why?


Tell us a little bit about yourself and what inspired you to share this idea.

I am a parent who wants to inculcate learning through innovation.Education is the foundation and it should not be deprived due to any shortcomings. 

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  • Southern Asia

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Mumbai - Commercial capital of India

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Amol D thank you for sharing this idea! I like the way you have considered children's developmental stage and interests as you've thought about the tools and tasks in your solutions. It would be interesting to consider other factors that might impact teaching and learning, as well. Have you thought about what type of feedback you might want from students and teachers to develop this idea further? How else might you prototype and test some of these models? Thanks!


Photo of Amol D

Prototyping: Grade 1 -4
Role plays between a parent and student can be used to gauge the interest level of student for Happy learning through videos.
While conveying certain concepts through videos can be a problem, teachers can always explain them in vernacular language other than English.
Feedback: At the end of every video, teachers can seek feedback through 5 min open ended objective questions (Yes / No) asked through school app to gauge the level of understanding.

For Grade 5-10: Feedback
After every session, students will be asked to summarize the session and upload the notes taken during the session through email. Based on the received feedback, teachers can gauge the understanding, share audio link for next lessons or ask to revisit the same lesson. A student should be able to see completed sessions of self and others during every login for Audio conferencing

Group Learning: Feedback
Before start of every session, teams will be asked to collate and submit assignments where each part of assignment will be divided into the teams. Teams have to collaborate and submit the assignments within Timeframe.