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Open Source K-12 Learning To Help Educators and Student For Better Education Future (immersing what future jobs would be)

Similar like open source for software, the idea of open source for educators to allow exploring through curiosity and facilitates learning?

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Tell us about your idea

Think of something along this line:

Imagine a scenario where school children have no textbooks to order, no buildings to construct, and no classrooms to outfit. 

The traditional "classroom" as we know it as of present, was overlooked in favor of a virtual environment that not only didn't require physical facilities but also didn't rely on age-old conventions like textbooks.

In future careers, as new professions are defined in a fast-paced and unstructured manner, an open-source curriculum would be a potential answer to ensure suitable inspiration individual with right skillsets can do the job.

Here's thought to change this?

What if the curriculum of today can be facilitated by a real tutor (not just only the teacher, but also industry experts) and also "if a completely open content school would really work,".

I am calling this project "Open Source K-12" where it is not purely "Youtube channels to follow for a certain topic" and not to disrupt too of the current education system, rather making it progressive alongside with syllabus. 

For this work, I would like to see the model can be based on the unique culture of the students and the school, with reference to some of the following:

  • Rocketship Education
  • School of One
  • Blended Learning (borrowing on what's working in K12 online education)
  • Charter Schools
  • Anything which transcends the walls of the classroom & the banking model of education (project-based learning, inquiring based learning, scenario-based learning, and experiential learning).

Outcome: Open Content That Can Be Flexible Around Education Standards:
-Using open content also allows teachers more freedom to adapt and flex when needed. Curriculum changes are part of the job description for teachers, who are expected to keep their courses relevant, up to date, and in line with state and national standards framework.

Solution Workflow in sequence  

-Gather open content and match it to National US state standards (current standard does not issue like life issues, monetary management, life wellbeing, etc) for a career 

-Use teacher-created materials to fill in the identified gaps (especially for career-related field) 

-Which items were valid and which were not.". Ie, skills matrix, professional embedded in the curriculum, etc.

-For K12 participants, they can be assessed on "soft skills" and "hard skills" throughout the curriculum years instead of finding it out during college. This can be done via framework assessment, content enrichment.  

Example of A Marketing Course How To Be Trained Suitable For A K-12 (from younger grade - from 6-12 years, older grade- 13-19 years) 

-A Fantasy park can be trained on emulating values such as critical skills, public speaking, leadership, and problem-solving skills. 

-For the secondary to college, open-source content would be to map on "Ikigai" self well being and "marketer framework" and "CEO motivation and guidance" to add on curriculum gap by the teachers. This would enhance the hard skill with soft skills while at same time, conform to state and national education if done correctly. 

You can refer to Pat Flynn (a successful entrepreneur) via a video example link,, and attachment on guidance on different ways of marketing for better industry-academia knowledge collaboration.  

Similarly, other instructors in the industry can help in the same manner to ensure knowledge transfer can be motivational for the younger generation to pursue right knowledge to suit their career. 

The benefit of the solution to solve the issues 

i) Curriculum content that potentially can be customized to student learning aptitude 

Different students learn in different ways and at different speeds.
ii) Scalability of teaching model (rather than one route of teaching) 

The best teaching methods can be identified and then scaled/replicated. It doesn't make sense that thousands of teachers develop their own approaches to teaching.

With a mixture of learning materials/tools that they enjoy, I would imagine the kids would be able to find their aptitude and learning process that they would like to participate in.

iii) 1-1 to format optional to a massive group setting 

Many students hate being talked at in a group setting, and would strongly prefer to pace themselves in a 1-on-1 format.

The traditional method of classroom lectures is really non-optimal for many kinds of instruction.

iv) Learning should be fun / self-motivating -- not force-fed. 

Historically, learning has been command-and-control, with kids being force-fed curricula and syllabuses chosen by governments and teachers.

v) For Parents Teachers Association (PTA) purpose, there is a suite of online and mobile tools — an all-in-one PTA platform for productivity, engagement & fundraising

Getting your PTA on school is you can build a productive and engaged parent community.

I hope this idea can be considered as this is in with the K-12 Blended Model framework. 

What part(s) of the pre-COVID school system do you wish to leave in the past? Why?

A K 12 education can do very much for preparing an individual for adult life, probably as a worker type job future, always doing the job, as defined by someone with more knowledge than is required to…do the job. This I think can be changed for part of schools to be relevant in today's era (get rid of rigid curriculum please): The model of having kids study a rigid outdated curriculum is obsolete. 1) Personal responsibility This deals with just because something happens to us, it does not mean that we have a right to do something to another person 2) Basics of life Things such as money do not appear out of anywhere and do not disappear into the abyss. 3) Politics The current model needs to be re-examined and politics need to be cleaned up. What would be a better place to start this change than the hearts and the minds of the new generation? 4) Being proactive Thinking ahead and planning are the essential qualities and paying attention to the current events and future trend

Tell us a little bit about yourself and what inspired you to share this idea.

I am an expert in B2B market research, digital marketing in the area of content marketing and lead generation, design thinking since the year 2009.

My challenge to do is as via Erasmus Model, where people can go learn on real jobs for 2 years while studying at a university for better practical experience, hence it would be interesting to see if it fits for a student model.

Also, in the year 2004, I was a camp counselor at YMCA Camp Abe Lincoln and the Rocky Mountains where I was working younger grades from age 5-12 years American of their aspiration and knowledge gaps to help them to become inspiration individuals. 

What region are you located in?

  • South-eastern Asia

Where are you located?

Kuala Lumpur, the capital city of Malaysia


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