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Let's go to School, healthy Socializing & Social Distancing at a time is possible. Design Inspired from Traditional Performance Costumes.

While socializing get reminded about social distancing without hampering your activity also get reminded other parameters for healthy social

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I am not going to SPACE, I am going to my school space. 

I am not FLYING, I am jumping with happiness.

Problem Statement:

Discussion with parents, Kids as well as self realization gave an understanding that staying in remote/Home for safety is not what every one is enjoying/wanting. For time being going online and remote learning is acceptable.

 [“I feel so alone with my depression being with my friends help and I’m so isolated I stay in my room no idea when I will get to go back to school or see my friends so yes I’m extremely stressed out over this”  -14 year old girl

“Coronavirus. I hope my friends and family do not get it”  – Boy, 10

(, Blog)]

People miss the most in current situation is socializing.

How can we encourage Social Distancing & Socializing at the same time?

How can we remind them when they breaks the social distancing parameters?

How can we ensure they are maintaining social Distancing?

How to notify them when they break social distancing unknowingly or by ignorance?

Existing Social Distancing Solutions for school Children.

1. Suggested by Tracee Worley

schoolchildren in China make creative social-distancing hats inspired by ancient headwear (

2. Making measured distancing pathways and Queue lines.


Is a device that reminds the wearer about the distancing parameters when they break the social distancing and remind about other precautions. Through some sort of notification (visual, sensation, audio) by considering the wearer and age group.

What design can do?

The China School initiative for making social distancing hats inspired me.

I studied few traditional costumes specifically Kathakali, Theyyam. While watching the performance they act in pairs or groups are well planned and systematic even after wearing such huge circumferential costume. The flow of movement and Interactions as part of the performance or story was never broken or disturbed due to the distancing maintained based on the costume circumference. I felt it interesting and decided to derive forms, Geometrical shapes from the costumes. I was trying to derive visual elements to understand more about the form which helps the flow of interaction without creating any abnormality in the performance of the characters or the story communicated . (Images attached).

What part(s) of the pre-COVID school system do you wish to leave in the past? Why?

Very Long schooling hours and continues classes.

Tell us a little bit about yourself and what inspired you to share this idea.

I am Meenu, User experience designer. Currently experiencing real time, very long quarantine mentally as well as physically by missing many things.

What region are you located in?

  • Southern Asia

Where are you located?

Kerala, India
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Tracee Worley

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"By sharing a video based on Chinese school kids making social distancing Hats, helped me to explore more. The insights where truly inspiring and motivating."


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Hi Koldun Victor . Thank you for sharing the link

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Good solution for indoor based environments. Are these products tested and proven? To a level disinfecting system is a good solution.

Photo of Koldun Victor

Yes. We checked the performance of our method. Now we are working on optimizing parameters. The only thing I would like to clarify is that we do not disinfect in the idea of killing pathogenic microflora, but moving it to those places where it will die safely itself, without threatening to infect people.

Photo of Meenu M Pillai

Thanks @Koldum Victor. Good to know and understand about the product.

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