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Journey Beyond School - Practice being your future self

Like pilots practice with in-flight simulations; students are equipped to practice self leading their journey into the work world.

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  • Co-founder of Imagine Beyond - we inspire people to move in the direction of growth.

Tell us about your idea

We flipped our deep-seated job matching practice on its head and changed the way the students see the work world. We had a vision to create spaces for students to discover their work journey and practice making choices that move them in the direction of growth (see images below).  

In times of personal change students told us they want and need real personal connection, not more technology.  Technology driven innovation could be designed to support the student to engage their ecosystem (parents, teachers, career advisors, tertiary providers or business) on their personal learning journey. The goal is that the student needs to tell their story and the support ecosystem needs to listen and collect the students story.

This idea required the school, career advisors, and parents to adopt the perspective of the student.  

This is a student ready for uncharted territories...

"Jack; an 18 year old moves forward to the work world with understanding of the work system beyond today's traditional occupations and tertiary providers. 

As he journeys, Jack shows a natural curiosity to explore where he wants to journey in the work world. 

As Jacks' discovery kicks in, questions surface. Testing of who he is has begun. 

Setbacks occur and Jack builds a reference for who he wants to become.

Jack arrives at continual intersections and is making choices that don't limit him so he is able to elevate his growth.

Jack doesn't journey aimlessly, but advances with a sense of purpose." 

Now... Jack is good to go to the work world.

What part(s) of the pre-COVID school system do you wish to leave in the past? Why?

We hope the school system shifts thinking about how they invest in their current career platforms and move away from practices that re-categorise job data that produce linear career matches. Categorical thinking generates powerful illusions, treating all occupations as if they are more alike than they are. Seeing your future using this rule limits students ability to effectively navigate their transition to the work world beyond school, and can result in long term career misalignment which can negatively impact future work success, productivity and personal wellbeing. We think the COVID experience has now shown us that yesterdays job data is not relevant for predicting your future; and that the most important quality students will need to bring to the world is self leadership. So it is timely to shift this career matching narrative in our school and work systems.

Tell us a little bit about yourself and what inspired you to share this idea.

We've held responsibilities for leading, growing and inspiring young people to find their place and excel in our work world. 

Through this work, we have gained a deep appreciation for the realities people face when navigating complex systems and work contexts. 

We were stirred that our settled truths about career matching are are so deeply frustrating for students, parents and teachers they are supposed to serve.

Today, we are on an intentional and relentless pursuit to examine how we can better equip students and schools to create transition journeys where every student can discover what they are uniquely gifted at and achieve real human growth.  

We believe we need to inspire students to mobilise forward with hope and excitement about their future. We also need to train students how to think about moving forward into the work of the future.

What region are you located in?

  • Oceana

Where are you located?

New Zealand

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The immersive experience is where you train together for the journey ahead. It is space to inquire. Space to expand how you see the work world. Space to be you. Space to think and make sense of directions. Space to experiment. Space to feel hope and get excited about your future. Space to tell your unique story.


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