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Integrated platform humanising remote learning

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  • A group of students who want to bring about changes

Tell us about your idea

Being the guinea pigs of the remote learning experiment ourselves, we identified problems that we faced as well as observed amongst younger students


 1 The lack of interaction between students

As we walk inside a physical classroom we are always greeted by our classmates and peers with a warm smile, this boosts our mood as well as sets the tone for the rest of the day. Remote learning has completely eradicated this.

 2 Creating empathy between students and teachers

A teacher acts as a support system for the students, apart from the curriculum, they also provide emotional and mental boost to the students. This is very difficult with no face to face interaction or non tangible interaction through a screens

3 In-class interaction between teachers and students

The student teacher interaction that takes place during lectures help clarify doubts and even stimulates the interest in the subject. The existing remote learning takes place on platforms for video conferencing, not providing the right tools for stimulating two way interactions during lectures

4 Unsure about student's understanding of subject and reduced attention span of students

Spending time in front of a digital screen makes it monotonous for students makes them lose attention,  teachers may not be aware of this due to lack of physical presence, it is important to make it interesting to keep the students attentive.

What will interACT do?

1. Chat rooms for students to interact before and after class

 This will help them stay connected beyond the studies, along with categories for type of chat room - casual or for teamwork

2. Mood journaling for students using stickers and text - in a fun and simple way 

This will help teachers to know how the students are feeling and also help students communicate their emotions - and even get a better understanding of their mood. The parents will also be notified incase the students are not in a pleasant mood along with some tips to help them.

3. Interactive cue cards

example gestures like raising hand for asking question, yes no answers, cannot hear, emphasise other technical difficulties etc, these cue cards can be used during online lectures

4. Pop up interaction 

Surprise pop up exercises/ questions can be asked by the teacher between the lecture with time restrictions to answer. This will increase interaction between students and the teacher, help the teacher understand if the students are paying attention and understanding the topic. It will also make the students attentive, and help teachers to further explain the topics.

5. Parents interact 

Parents will also have chatrooms, will get notified about their child's assignments and activities to keep track of their performance and growth


Having easy integrated platform will make it easy for schools to quickly adopt remote learning and also makes it easy for them to monitor digital classroomsThe platform will also have integrated calendar, video calling ability, cloud storage for sharing materials and activities. Reducing the hassle of using multiple platforms for such activities.This can help administration to address the problem of shortage of teachers and get global connectivity of teachers.

The platform will enhance communication and take it beyond just the bare essential of lectures.

What part(s) of the pre-COVID school system do you wish to leave in the past? Why?

The pre-COVID schooling system was rigid, and restricted to a physical address. Although technology was being used to enable smart class rooms but it was not directed to enhance the learning of the students. The potential of current technology available was not being utilised completely and was definitely not human centric. We want to leave this rigid and tangible method of gaining knowledge in the past and make the education system fluid as well as phygital. This will not only make the whole experience adaptable to different unpredictable situations but also make the most essential parts of it accessible to those in remote locations. Apart from this there is a need to completely say goodbye to the "industrial" format of schooling, providing students freedom and options to choose their subject areas of interest.

Tell us a little bit about yourself and what inspired you to share this idea.

We are strategic design students with a passion to bring about meaningful changes around us. Being students ourselves, experiencing the problems ourselves we wanted to come up with a solution that would work not only for us but also students of K-12. 

We found inspiration everywhere around us, from the shift in our lifestyle, podcasts, posts, articles to looking at children struggling with education right now. We have been pondering about the new normal and the urgency of changing systems to fit to dynamic needs. What better time to re-think the way education is provided around the world than now!

What region are you located in?

  • Southern Asia

Where are you located?

Metropolitan cities of India


Join the conversation:

Photo of Peter Worth

Thank you, Vatsala and your team for sharing your idea. Your problem statement and solution are very clear, and I like how you have drawn this both from your own experience and your desire to support K12. Have you had a chance to get feedback from your 3 user groups—students, teachers, and parents? There are elements of your idea that would be very interesting to test with all three. Thanks!

Photo of Vatsala Kejriwal

Peter Worth Thank you for the appreciation and suggestions. We will definitely get feedback, we spoke to parents with students in middle school but definitely should get in touch with teachers as well. We will definitely brainstorm how to test the idea with students, probably with some kind of MVP.

I invite, teachers and parents reading the idea to please share your thoughts as well :)