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An edu-system that re-imagines the role of teachers, parents & students & offers experiences for all to discover more about self & others

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Tell us about your idea

The current education system is part of a paradigm that sees our world in silos. Education may be happening in schools, but learning happens every day and everywhere, with everyone, including myself. What if all of these experiences are mapped in my own learning journey, facilitated by a system that triggers my curiosity to know more, to discover more every day? What if instead of being told what to do, think or be, to be inspired to explore my mind, thoughts, feeling, and actions? Could we completely reimagine school to be a life learning experience parents, teachers and caregivers offer to children and young people to cultivate their curiosity, creativity, kindness and leadership? 

Humanversity is a new education system that offers holistic life experiences and coaching those support children, young people amd adults to discover more about themselves, the world, and who they want to be and what they want to do.  

School is a system that entails four major groups that function as communities that support each other and offer their services to the students. So we have the students (young people) at the center, mentors, coaches, and parents that work together with them to provide holistic education and grow themselves through collaboration with them and with each other.

Parents: provide upbringing education. They interact with other parents for support as community but are also supported by the coaches so they grow into their role as a parent that can cultivate child creativity, curiosity and other skills and values that are in the child's interest in their daily and family life. 

Coaches: provide coaching and discovery of students and their parents too. They support the students in coaching with life skills, developing mindfulness and self-awareness, cultivating personal mastery so they can make own choices, and "curate" their learning journey.
Mentors: provide expertise and knowledge and skills in certain subjects. They offer online modules that are available with age-appropriate content that creates fascination on the subjects and stimulate the use of the knowledge in their daily lives.
Students can choose when and why they feel to have an exam and understand why they want to obtain certain certifications.

What part(s) of the pre-COVID school system do you wish to leave in the past? Why?

The whole concept the school is the only place to learn, that what matters is to be obedient, to conform and fit in, that only a few are creative, talented and gifted. That if one is not academically smart, they are a failure. That failure is bad and mistakes must not happen. I wish we leave behind the universal standards which are not applicable to the diverse creativity humanity could offer.

Tell us a little bit about yourself and what inspired you to share this idea.

Born and raised in a post-communist country I have witnessed the crippling effect of an education system that is meant to to produce obedient, passive, and purpose-less people. This is still a reality in many counties across the world and I feel mad for the creative human potential we lose every day. I am on a mission to change that and enable as many of us (Especially young people) to come alive and live a purposeful happy life.

What region are you located in?

  • Europe

Where are you located?

I was born and raised in Skopje, Macedonia, but currently live in Amsterdam, Netherlands. I love Amsterdam because it's a city that buzzes with innovation, creative entrepreneurship, and freedom of expression.


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Photo of David Enders

Thanks for contributing Nina!
You seem to be very passionate about education and about helping students around the world reach their full potential. I agree that current schooling systems can quench creativity and allow for much improvement. However, in order for a school system to work there must be some way to measure its efficacy and success—how can we create a schooling system that incorporates your ideas of allowing students freedom and independence, while still offering transparency and accountability, so that we can make sure students are learning? Would love to hear your thoughts.


Photo of Nina Nayana

Hi David, thank you for recognizing my passion :) I believe we can redefine efficacy and success and measure it differently. What does it mean for you now? What do you want it to be?
See my other comment on the question below how I imagine the system to work. Could we offer the children and young people t more autonomy to choose themselves to obtain certain certifications and degrees which are of interest?

Photo of David Enders

Hi Nina, thanks for your response.
I'm glad that you are answering my question with more questions... I asked about enforcing learning but after contemplating this I realize this might be irrelevant to the discussion. Your idea relates to the difference between the education systems in Germany and in the United States; in the US, most students are encouraged to attend college regardless of their plans for the future, because this is the traditional path that is accepted by most. In Germany, however, students only attend university if they are planning on pursuing a profession that requires a higher degree of education, which is a much more logical approach. This approach could be taken much further, to the point where students are given the freedom even earlier on to pursue education only where it interests them. I think this is more along the lines of how this would play out, and if students would find the self-motivation to participate actively and learn without the encouragement of a structured system around them.

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