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Go beyond and unleash your extra-curricular skills with Co-beyond.

I contributed towards research, ideation, and summation of the product 'Co-beyond'

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Tell us about your idea


According to the National Survey of Children's Health, about one-third of U.S. children ages 10 to 17 were either categorized under overweight and obese. Given the COIVD-19 state, it is very likely that people have less physical activities.  We don't want the next generation to forget what physical activities are.  More importantly, Education is not only about completing core courses. It's all the fun part we get through extra-curricular Education like physical exercises, national quiz competitions, sports events, science exhibitions, or projects.

The problem

Highly self-motivated parents or adults go beyond and participate in physical fitness classes and encourage their kids to stay fit. Most of the family members don't find the right kind of encouragement to work out with their families. While the world is working on reimagining core education's learning experience, it becomes essential to build for the 'new normal' way equipped with all potential that we used to receive. The time could change the way we got our Education but not for the lesser quality.


There were recognition and rewards for sports, cultural festivals, and science exhibitions that happened in school. How do we instill this type of learning experience for children of this generation? 


All this can happen with the help of building a community that appreciates innovations and is eager to bring the untapped potential from GenZ. We introduce 'Co-beyond' to establish a bonding for extra-curricular learning in a 'new normal' way. 

The Co-beyond is a platform that lets the students find their community for extra-curricular activities. Once the students choose their interests and science or academic project streams, they will be able to build their community based on these categories. The community can even engage parents by assigning materials and support needed from their parents. Teachers get to monitor and mentor the student's activity by milestones they achieve in their timeline. The community goes beyond ordinary Education to more welcoming, diverse talents and recognizing them. 

The best part of the notion is, gathering a community to contribute to other communities. Since this is a gamified platform to earn rewards for their achievements, students are encouraged to transfer the rewards for a good cause that can help the underprivileged students to receive their most essential meal and medical supplies. We strongly believe that using school buses & resources to promote, execute the meal delivery and medical service with the help of sponsors and funds.


  • Finding or forming a CoBeyond community
  • Looking for activities that are of one's interest
  • Taking help from parents and mentorship from teachers to accomplish the events or activities
  • Finding a less human traffic place near their community to execute the goal (for example, a Marathon)
  • Earning milestone rewards and transferring rewards to other students who seek food, shelter, medical services due to the closure of schools.

This need not stop here. Co-beyond can help schools and students by going beyond to foster K12s' learning, even during weekends or long vacations.

Future Scope

Providing a low-cost VR device for live-streamed events from the community and students.

What part(s) of the pre-COVID school system do you wish to leave in the past? Why?

The divide in individual competing environments vs. collaborative environment: A group of people brings innovations to the world. Pre-COVID school system focusing on individual rewards can take aback and transform the community to encourage teamwork online and offline. Evaluations based on collaborative intelligence are the new trend for extra-curricular. In the past, there wasn’t much importance for socializing and building mutual interests for extra-curricular online with support from parents and schools. Rather, it was thought of as an in-efficient way to build interpersonal skills. The thought of online education is not quality is something that should be left in the past with upcoming innovations.

Tell us a little bit about yourself and what inspired you to share this idea.

I am majoring in Human-Computer Interaction, May 2021. I love solving intricate human problems with design and technologies. Back then, when I was a teenager, I had the opportunity to play with my brother and his friends in the community. Our parents were encouraged to go out and play. Sometimes on weekends, our parents buy us puzzles and handcrafts to kill time and help us in doing. I was nostalgic about those fun-filled days and wanted to provide a means to relish the moments to current K12 students and their families.

My teammate Bhanu Prathap says

"Being a student myself I've always felt that school could give more importance in bridging the gap between the parents and the student, so the parent would be able to understand the child's progress and is always a part of their children's growth and learning."

We both were discussing the current state of learning and had a mutual thought to participate and be a part of contributing to the community.

What region are you located in?

  • North America

Where are you located?

I am located in the state of Indiana, Marion county. My team member is in southern side of India currently.


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