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Global Learning

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  • Financial Administrator at the University of Medicine of Craiova, and a future design student

Tell us about your idea

My idea for a better learning is based on the creation of an app that could give all people access to study materials from around the world. I would propose a platform similar to Instagram or Facebook but for learning, where teachers and students could create profiles and be able to access all the information needed to study or teach. Since we live in an era that we want confirmation by the number of followers we have or the likes we receive, I would make an app where teachers can put the courses they created, give students challenges and also be able to teach students around the world not just the designated students in their traditional schools. Each teacher could receive likes and followers based on the quality of their teaching and maybe in the future they could receive accredited credentials for their work, same as the students attending their online classes. This way the teachers would have to create great teaching materials not just use outdated ones given by their governments, they would receive more freedom of creation, thus they would be motivated to get more involved in elaborating their methods. Also in this way we could achieve global learning, by having teachers on a platform and learning from each other. Currently there are big discrepancies between countries when it comes to what is taught in schools and universities. For example in my country, Romania, there are discrepancies between Universities of Medicine, some students learn trough outdated methods and this way they learn less and some learn trough more actual methods and gain a better knowledge. How would this app help students? They could access a wider information, not just a limited one that is given in their classrooms, they could get in touch with teachers and students from around the world, and they could post their work too in order to be motivated by the likes they would receive. In this way students from all types of ages could be connecting and learning how to communicate better and be encouraged to learn more because they want to, not because they were told to. They could video call and talk to each other or they could get to be partners in challenges posted by teachers, or students from universities can create with teachers online debates in order to gain further knowledge by hearing different opinions and experiences from their international colleagues. And if there will be other times like the ones we are living now, with the COVID pandemic, an app like this would show children and older students that they are not alone in this situation, that it is not just happening to them and that they can still have activities and friends and classmates. From what I have seen in my workplace, the University was not prepared for online classes, and it took three months to develop the platform for students to be able to learn online, and even now it is not working properly. For this issue I would propose live online classes on the app, created by teachers, where students can enroll, both their actual school students and students from everywhere. Thus, with an app like this, all Schools, Universities, Teachers and students have everything in one place and there would be no wasted time in creating materials or barely working platforms. Plus it would be encouraged a global, equal learning, while getting people together, by being encouraged to collaborate, communicate with one and other, and to develop new ideas in many fields studied in schools or universities. 

What part(s) of the pre-COVID school system do you wish to leave in the past? Why?

I would like us to get pass old and outdated books without application in today society. I would like more interactive learning where students are more actively involved, so us students be more interested in what we are learning not just being present to be able to get a diploma. I would like us to get rid of long courses where teachers just read the slides of their presentation, which most of the times is just a combination of excerpts from various books so that us students stop falling asleep in classes or not feel everything like a waste of time.

Tell us a little bit about yourself and what inspired you to share this idea.

My name is Livia, I am 26 years old. I am a financial administrator at the University of Medicine Craiova, Romania, and a future student at the Transilvania University of Brasov, Faculty of Product Design and Enviroment. My idea was inspired by the universities in my country that lack updated methods of teaching. When I was a student I would get easily bored during classes due to traditional teaching, I was not motivated to study more than what was given to me for exams. I went to France on an ERASMUS scholarship, where I got more involved in classes. That happened because I was inspired by new methods of studying given by my then teachers, whom came from all over the world, also by my classmates that also were from many countries. I was able to learn from them as well, trough debates and focus groups I opened my mind and had a better understanding of what I was learning. I made friends, I understood other cultures and possibly I made future business partners. 

What region are you located in?

  • Europe

Where are you located?

I live in a city of 350,000 people, in Romania, an ex communist country, that even if now, it is a democratic country is still influenced by the communist ideas and perceptions implemented decades ago. We are still not able to get updated with the rest of the world even when we have many educated and smart people, because the state doesn't let you develop businesses easily, since we still have people thinking that working for the state is the best option we have. Its is like a closed circle.


Join the conversation:

Photo of Rachel Siegel

Thank you so much for your incredibly thoughtful submission, Livia Glavan ! I'm Rachel, one of the Community Coaches. I love that your idea mimics your own positive learning experience in France and open the doors to multiple ways of learning and connecting. Because the platform you're proposing seems all-inclusive and multi-faceted, do you foresee that this would take the place of a student's "traditional" schooling in their home community/country? Would they enroll in this program as opposed to their own local school system?

Thank you for sharing your design with this community!

Photo of Livia Glavan

Hello Rachel, thank you for your time. I believe "traditional" schooling has its benefits and I would not see the platform I propose as a full substitute for it. This platform would be more of an additional support for the standard schooling. This will add materials to the basic teaching programs that are already in schools and universities. Teachers in "traditional" schools can make good use of this platform by combining their methodologies and materials with those posted by their international fellows. They could do the traditional teaching in class by the use of this app, accessing online materials during the courses, or giving students homework trough the app, or getting them to participate in projects or challenges posted by other teachers or those created by them trough this platform. Also teachers along students could debate during classes what others teachers propose in certain fields and subjects by accessing the materials posted on the app. Teenagers and adults as well are interested in new technologies and get excited with every new app that comes along, so by receiving likes and followers would make their studying experience more updated to the world we are living in and would encourage them to study further. This way students will be able to contact other students from other countries, to participate in projects together and learn to communicate better, be more understanding and accepting of different people. Plus the students will have a wider area to explore and will be able to focus more on subjects they are most interested in, instead of learning for a bunch of subjects but not really knowing what fits best for them. Thus, creating an app with teachers and students from the entire world gathered together as a community, will help students understand who their are and who they want to be in their future careers. They will see that they are not limited by their borders and there are many options in this world for each and every one of them. I am not opting out the possibility of students to fully enroll on platform like this to complete their studies, but I believe this will be more appropriate for university students that don't have a strong educational program in their countries and cannot afford studying abroad. I could see this could be a possibility after a few years since the opening of the platform, after analyzing how receptive students are to this new platform, how they make use of it and after further optimizations based on their needs and the teachers needs as well.