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Gameful Classrooms

A platform to differentiate, inspire and support learning remotely.

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Tell us about your idea

I've been using the Gameful platform and a rather unusual approach to structure and run my middle school classes for the past couple of years and the switch to online learning was nearly seamless for me and my students.  My approach, and the platform, revolve around several elements that are very non-traditional but well supported by recent research and recognized best-practice pedagogy.  These include:

* Keeping the student-teacher relationship central to learning
* Giving students as much autonomy as they show they can handle
* Structuring assessment around mastery
* Linking learning to a larger purpose than simply classroom exercises

This approach encourages great engagement by students (tested in a variety of class types and ages in schools across the country and around the world).  It allows for much greater differentiation with much less day-to-day effort by teachers than any other method I've tried.  It creates time during class that allows for a personalized approach to learning for even large class sizes.

Gameful was invented by Mike Skocko and is currently under active development by Mike and Mick McMurray.  I am an active user and collaborator but do not have anything else to do with the platform/company.

What part(s) of the pre-COVID school system do you wish to leave in the past? Why?

Synchronized advancement of students based on age + barely adequate performance (demoralizing); segregation of subject areas (artificial and inaccurate); teacher centrism (disempowering); separation of school and "real life" (artificial, uninteresting and unhelpful).

Tell us a little bit about yourself and what inspired you to share this idea.

I am a Design Technology teacher who has been working on restructuring my classes for the past 8 years, moving towards a learner-centered, constructionist, and connectivist environment for learners.  I love to encourage other teachers to start on this journey and experience the rewards I've reaped over the years.

What region are you located in?

  • Northern Africa

Where are you located?

Maadi, Cairo, Egypt. This is a mixed community of expatriates from many countries and native Egyptians.

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Photo of Peter Worth

Hi Matthew, thank you for sharing your idea! I appreciate how you're using the platform to support best-practice pedagogy and personalized learning. Your screenshot really helps to see how the course is organized and the depth of the experience. You mentioned that this is an ongoing process of restructuring. Do you have student feedback that's inspiring you for the next round of iteration, or something that you're excited to try? Thanks!