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Access to materials: Schools can use various mediums like 

1. Post: Post offices have wide network. Schools can send learning material through Post. 

2. Scan: Scan learning material and share it through e-mail or through app 

3. Audiobooks: Schools can share link to audiobooks through school app. 

Access to free food: 

1. Food kiosks / Food delivery centers to be opened outside nearest Post office / milk delivery centers. Students who require free food can rely on Food kiosks / delivery centers for free food. Food can be sourced either through surplus inventory with Hotels or Government schemes. Students should be provided with Location Tags for easy identification. These tags will be linked to respective Food centers outside nearest post office for trace ability. 

2. Food packs used as learning elements: 

Use back side of flap for sharing easy math, science, languages. It will be happy learning through Food packs. 

Other services: 

1. Lot of e-commerce companies / banks have come up with multiple services. Such companies can have interface with school apps for other services. 

2. Parent - School service coordinator: 

Unlike customer service, schools can nominate Service coordinator. Parents who wish to seek additional services can call the coordinator and seek additional services at nominal costs. 

What part(s) of the pre-COVID school system do you wish to leave in the past? Why?


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Parent who believes in inculcating innovation and education as basic necessity 

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  • Southern Asia

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Mumbai - Commercial capital of India


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Photo of Peter Worth

Amol D thank you for submitting this idea, as well. And there are really several ideas in here. I like how you are using multiple means to reach children, and recognizing the wide ranging needs of learning, as well as access to food. Have you seen these other two posts? They also use physical media and the postal service What if companies partner with teachers/schools to help furnish creativity boxes? Learning by Mail  I thought you might find them interesting. Thank you!

Photo of Jessica Lura

Thanks, Peter, for connecting the two ideas. I can easily see how it would make sense to bundle supports and figure out high use locations, especially if students continue to not be able to physically come to school.

Photo of Amol D

Thanks Peter,
Certainly, POST OFFICES are underutilized and can do much more in connecting more students besides playing a pivotal role in their development.