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Educations to All

Its contribute on development of a barrier-free, rights-based education system at grassroots level for all even children with disabilities

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Tell us about your idea

The overall idea to which disabled persons organization led rights-based approach that address the disabled persons rights to educations in adopting a holistic and critical strategy that contribute on development of a barrier-free, rights-based education system at grassroots level for all even children with severe disabilities (CWSDs)/ children with disabilities (CWDs) those are now left outed from present education systems. This is not an ordinary education system that supports a few CWDs who are simply recipients of education, but it is innovative strategy adopted which is sustainable, replicable, healthy and reachable to all children specially children who is part of no income or low-income family at grassroots they are participate in system from their home safe and effectively with collaboration of their respective family. It ensures organizations, and a systematic and well-structured android based platform to ensure education for 100% children by fulfilling their needs. It creates a positive and lasting change not only in the lives of CWSDs/CWDs, but also in their families and communities.

What part(s) of the pre-COVID school system do you wish to leave in the past? Why?

Bangladesh as a disaster-prone country of South Asia has regular experience but Covid-19 is exceptional and is a new virus that is coronavirus which is a zoonotic disease that stopped the whole world’s activities without assumptions. The damaged and severity of it are unprecedented compare with any disasters and disease. The disabled persons are first victims among all at any types of disasters or disease, this time it is not different, but they feel it more difficult as they faced unlimited lacking of hope to survive and continue educations because they are poorer than others, their independency are blocked, the social communication and transport systems are not favorable and inaccessible to them, transport are not available and whose disability are severe and such as fully visually impaired, deafblind and multiple disabled persons situation is more pathetic, helpless and survive with inhuman condition and finally they are out of seen, out of education and public attention.

Tell us a little bit about yourself and what inspired you to share this idea.

I am prominent activist, leader, mentor and speaker on disabled people’s human rights and development worldwide and UNESCAP Disability Rights Champion and BPKS CEO. I am also President of the National Alliance of Disabled People’s Organizations (NADPO), DPI World Councilor and Deputy Chairpersons for APR, former Global Secretary and he also member of several International Organizations such as Workability International, International Abilympics etc. and Chairman of BPKS Consumer Ltd. 

I am inspired to have opportunity in implementation of new startegy that adptable with Covid19.

What region are you located in?

  • Southern Asia

Where are you located?

Dhakkhinkhan, 17 hatimbag under North City Corporation, Dhaka -1230, Bangladesh.

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Photo of Tiffanie Harrison

Hey Abdus Sattar Dulal ! I am Tiffanie, a community coach. Think of me as your concierge/mentor. I’m here to help guide you through this really fun experience. I’ve had the chance of going through a full design collaboration myself, and know it can be a little confusing at first. Would love to hear more about you! What are you interested in getting out of this experience?

I teach high school in Texas and our current crisis has me very concerned for my students with disabilities. I love that you are wanting to address this. If you had no constraints, what would this idea look like? What do you need to make it happen?

I look forward to learning with and from you in this challenge!

Photo of Sarah Nethan

Hi Abdus Sattar Dulal 
Thank you for your contribution to this challenge!

I was really moved by your dedication and concern for differently-abled students, and how they're the first and the most affected by any crisis that may hit us. As you answer Tiffanie Harrison 's questions, I'm curious to learn more about how you envision your concept during the current times that demand remote learning for all children? If you have time, it would also be great if you could sketch it out and share it with us.

As your thinking around this idea grows, you can update your post at any time by hitting the Edit Contribution button at the top of your post.

Good luck!