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DigiClass, a remote learning platform

DigiClass is an online and mobile learning and tutoring platform for primary and secondary school students.

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Tell us about your idea

DigiClass SARL est une startup burkinabé dont la mission est d’améliorer le niveau scolaire des élèves en Afrique et de leur faciliter l’accès à des contenus scolaires de qualité. DigiClass se positionne comme étant un complément du système éducatif national. Pour cela nous avons développé une plateforme web et mobile d’e-learning et de soutien scolaire destinée aux élèves du secondaire.

Notre service d’e-learning permet aux élèves de réviser leurs cours et de se tester de manière autonome. Depuis un environnement ludique et intuitif, les élèves peuvent : consulter l’ensemble des cours de la 6e à la terminale (dans toutes les matières), réaliser des exercices corrigés et des quizz pour s'entraîner, et s’auto-évaluer. Le système d’apprentissage développé par DigiClass repose sur l’assimilation évolutive des notions en fonction du rythme de l’élève, de ses atouts et de ses faiblesses.

En plus de notre service d’E-learning, nous sélectionnons avec attention un réseau d'enseignants et de tuteurs expérimentés et qualifiés pour le suivi et l'accompagnement scolaire des élèves à domicile. Nous mettons ensuite en relation ces enseignants du primaire et du secondaire avec les parents d’élèves à la recherche de professeurs de soutien pour leurs enfants. Depuis notre site web, les parents d'élèves peuvent accéder au profil de l’ensemble de ces enseignants, entrer en contact avec le professeur choisi ainsi que réserver et payer la prestation en ligne.

What part(s) of the pre-COVID school system do you wish to leave in the past? Why?

We want to revolutionize the education system as a whole to make it more inclusive and productive.

Tell us a little bit about yourself and what inspired you to share this idea.

My name is Abdoul-Aziz ZOROM. I am a works engineer in networks and computer systems, graduated from the University Aube Nouvelle and CEO of DigiClass.

The story of my project began several years ago when I was in my final year class. Sick, I couldn't go to school for more than 3 months. Thanks to my smartphone and the internet, I was able to avoid falling behind in my studies and study by taking courses available online. Some very good sites offered courses in several subjects.

Unfortunately, the content was not in line with the Burkinabe curriculum. So I had to sort out and retain only those concepts that were relevant to the national curriculum. This is how I learned most of the courses, and by the grace of GOD I passed my end of year exam!

After my BAC, I quickly became interested in programming.  I remembered all these educational sites from which I was learning my lessons in high school and the desire to create a similar site adapted to Burkina was born.

What region are you located in?

  • Western Africa

Where are you located?

I live in Bobo-Dioulasso, the second largest city in Burkina Faso.


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Hi Abdoul-Aziz ZOROM - thank you so much for posting your idea! I'm Rachel Siegel , one of the Community Coaches. It's really inspiring to see how your own school experience in the online realm led to the development of DigiClass. I'm curious to learn more about what makes DigiClass stand out from other remote learning platforms. Is this a platform that could extend beyond Burkina Faso? Thank you again!

Photo of Abdoul-Aziz ZOROM

Hi Rachel Siegel thank you for your comment.
Yes, DigiClass is a platform that will soon be extended to other African countries. We have an international vision.
The particularities of DigiClass compared to other platforms are the following:
- With DigiClass the learner learns at his own pace and independently. He can of course ask for help from our tutors on the platform.
- Completeness and conformity of our content: We provide all the content that the student needs. And these contents are in line with the national education curriculum.

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