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Creative Bravery Reimagines Education.

Creative Bravery Festival - Identifying and celebrating acts of creative bravery that could reimagine education.

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  • Team Leader on the Daydream Believers Programme

Tell us about your idea

Why: Education, in all its forms has changed. Through the Covid experience we have all asked important questions around what we value in education whilst taking brave and creative steps to try out new ways of learning.

What: This is a participatory and democratic collective working together to create an International online Festival of Creative Bravery in September 2020. This festival will identify and celebrate acts of creative bravery that, when brought together, have the capacity to reimagine education both locally and globally. 

When: Between now and the end of June we will collect narratives and innovations happening across the world that might give us signposts to an alternative future. Throughout summer, we will continue to grow the collective, gather stories, thoughts, provocations and by September we will hold a global festival of creative bravery in learning.

Who: We are a core group of people willing to believe something good will come from Covid-19. The festival will involve anyone interested in conversations and actions around the future of education. We will work in partnership with the creatively brave: designers, learning providers, families, pupils, artists, creative organisations, central and local governments.

How: We are looking for Creatively Brave people who are;
- Creating actions that have local possibilities and global reach
- Working collaboratively in the decision making and activities
- Taking risks, and staying with the uncomfortable
- Paying attention to what you are experiencing and learning
- Taking actions that feel more connected to the future.

We will stage a live online event on Friday 19th June. Stories will be shared, new connections made, and planning for what happens next initiated.
Throughout the summer we will engage with individuals and hub communities to build on the acts of creative bravery and find connections between them to forge new collaborations.

In September we will host a two-week Festival of Creative Bravery  Acts of creative bravery will be shared and celebrated in this virtual and physical festival.  This will bring international thinking together with work taking place in living rooms and back gardens. The uniting of narratives will demonstrate new approaches to a more equitable and fairer education system.

Call to action:

We need your stories. What are you focusing on? What are you curious about? Where are you being brave? These stories will help others understand the new possibilities that are emerging. When we bring them together new knowledge and communities will emerge ensuring creative bravery is reimagining education. #creativebraveryfestival @creativebraveryfestival

What part(s) of the pre-COVID school system do you wish to leave in the past? Why?

The very nature of the concept of creative bravery, which could be useful over a wide range of educational subjects, presents its own challenges. It doesn’t fit into one category or one box, rather it provides a structure to an approach that can be applied to almost any subject. This has always been challenging for those trying to understand its place in education. We believe we need to return teachers to the front and centre of the innovation process, but within a context that challenges, supports and resources them to enable learners to be brave in these new conditions which now confront them.

Tell us a little bit about yourself and what inspired you to share this idea.

I am one of the collaborators and the Team Leader on the Daydream Believers programme. We recently launched free online lessons created by D&AD on the theme of Creative Bravery;

Our partners on the Daydream Believers programme include LEGO, Skyscanner and Rockstar Games. Working with Daydream Believers allows us to offer a tried and tested method of implementing the ideas and insights we collate from the festival. Presentations from contributors can be adapted and uploaded to support creative teaching and learning across the globe.

As part of the Daydream Believers programme we are also developing a new qualification in Creative Thinking, which will be resourced through the content on the webpage. This qualification will be structured around the following themes: Curiosity, Creativity and Critical Thinking.

IDEO is one of the most creatively brave organisations in the world. We need your help to be brave with our dreams!

What region are you located in?

  • Europe

Where are you located?

We are a collaborative team based in Scotland, New York and Philidelphia


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Thank you so much for your response, Helena!

With the deadline for the Ideas submissions approaching quickly on May 26, I would love for you to update your submission with any additional information (eg. reflections, feedback received, questions answered, etc here in the comments), to ensure that all of your insights are well captured for our evaluators.

Thank you and good luck!

Photo of Helena  Good

Hi Sarah, Thanks for getting in touch. I have updated the submission based on the feedback and hopefully it makes more sense. There is a lot to write about but not a lot of space. We are creating the webpage this week and hopefully that will supply more info. Fingers crossed and thanks again. Take care - the world needs creatively brave people like you!

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