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Clap for teachers

Kickstarter that enables individuals/ organisations to nominate and invest in prize for teachers who have enabled innovative remote learning

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Teachers in all contexts from Bangladesh to UK have had to tackle the challenge of adaptation using their creativity and conviction to deliver learning strategies that work for all students during lockdown conditions.  While the global community has rightly shone a light on health workers in this period, many parents, business leaders, organisations have been astounded by the care, creativity and conviction that teachers have shown too.  They desire to give back to teachers and recognise their efforts as a collective force for good in a challenging situation.  And they desire that this skill of adaptability, creativity and resilience in the face of challenges is recognised as beyond just enabling a continued learning process (important as it is) they have modelled the exact skills that the Future of Jobs reports from WEF recommends- inspiring their learners to overcome challenges and persevere when under pressure.

For an individual- a minimum donation of 10 dollars enables you to Nominate one teacher (certificate signed by known figure posted to teachers address) 

A minimum donation of 100 dollars enables you to nominate one school. (One plaque/ sign for the school delivered)

And a minimum donation of 1,000 dollars to nominate most ingenious  hack for teaching under COVID 19 restrictions prize in you name.  Allowing up to 10 nominations (all of whom receive a certificate) with details to enable a judge panel final decision.  And an award of 300 dollars for the selected teacher.

All entries will be matched by a nomination by BRAC, for example, for teachers at the same level in South Asia or East Africa.  So one 10 dollar entry results in two certificates- one for your nominated teacher and one for a teacher nominated via BRAC.  One 100 dollars recognised two schools and one 1,000 dollars recognises two teachers with a cash award for ingenuity in enabling equitable access to learning during lockdown.

The resulting entries with descriptions of their work will published as a report on teacher-led innovations to re-imagine learning during COVID 19.

An example of an innovation from a school might be:
Chittagong Grammar School MBS (Mind,Body,Soul) program in Bangladesh in reaching out on a virtual platform to all its students. It is not just focusing on the academics but also providing mental health support through its team of qualified counsellors and a ‘champion teachers program’ where each teacher is assigned a set number of students who they have to be in touch with on a daily basis just to check in on how they are doing and if there is any kind of red flag they are referred to the Heads or the counsellors. As a community Chittagong Grammar Scool has also reached out to its underprivileged students (who are part of the community school program) by providing food rations for their families, which has been identified as their most pressing need.

What part(s) of the pre-COVID school system do you wish to leave in the past? Why?

That teacher creativity, agility and empathy with student needs is under recognised as fundamental building block of an effective learning system.

Tell us a little bit about yourself and what inspired you to share this idea.

My good friend Ayesha and I were talking from Bangladesh to U.K. and discussing how amazing the teachers have been in supporting all children’s needs from emotional needs to academic needs.  She was sharing what she had seen in schools serving children facing multiple vulnerabilities where teachers had shown resolve and such creativity to find solutions to remain in touch with their class. And I was talking about the compassion and recognition of children’s wider needs such as nutritional needs.  Both of us work in education- Zelda as a strategy consultant to LEGO Foundation and Ayesha in conjunction with United World College National Committee in Bangladesh and with Chittagong Grammar School.

We thought a scheme like this might enable parents who felt like us a chance to commit to something that brought their teacher more than a gift basket or some flowers.   And enabled organisations such as council’s, school districts, or foundations to go that bit deeper and recognise the good practice models their community of teachers have demonstrated.

What region are you located in?

  • Europe

Where are you located?

Tugby, rural UK and Ayesha is located in Dhaka, urban Bangladesh.

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