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Chaddi Buddy (meaning-Friends Since they were kids). During school days learned to share, care & trust, made strong bonds called 'FRIENDS'.

Designing a platform which encourages remote learning without loosing the fun time spend & activities during the schooldays by socializing.

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  • User Experience Designer

Tell us about your idea

Getting ready for remote learning. Will make sure that you don't miss your friends and seeing every one. Don't worry everything will be taken care. Let's maintain the friends zone activities, and fun time even better than before by connecting digitally. 

Most of the memories, connections and friends are developed during the time of education. It is important to maintain and should not get dissolved in the digital era, rather it should get stronger. 

Selfies are almost vanished all sudden (as part of social distancing) and era of screenshots of video conference, meetings and gatherings getting popularity. The solution is aiming to adopt current trends as well to maintain all the trends which added value for socializing and making strong bonds like friends.

The platform is designed to connect the students during class hours as well as after class hours. During remote learning the class hour activities like group discussion, competitions, revisions, Presentation, etc many more should be recreated digitally without loosing its aliveness and fun. After class hour activities like grouping with friends, lunch time fun, outing, shopping, party, games and spending time with chitchat are also important to recreate digitally without loosing the funny experience.

What part(s) of the pre-COVID school system do you wish to leave in the past? Why?

Being busy only in academics and missing friends time. Based on curriculum spending whole day, a day is divided for different subjects. Now getting a chance to make learning more easy and focussed, So got enough time for making friends.

Tell us a little bit about yourself and what inspired you to share this idea.

I am Meenu, Protective Equipment designer turned user experience designer. I have many friends, we are friends since childhood. We managed to have time with our group from busy schedule of the class hours. Not just for inspiring this idea, throughout my life they inspired me in some or other way. Always made me understand the importance of socializing and spending time with them.

What region are you located in?

  • Southern Asia

Where are you located?

Kerala, Kollam


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Photo of Naylee Nagda

Hi Meenu M Pillai  ,I am Naylee; a community coach! I am glad you signed onto the Reimagine Learning Challenge and awesome you've already posted to the platform! I remember that school was so much more fun because you get to interact and see your friends. It is awesome that you are still in touch with your childhood friends! I would love to hear more about your idea of remotely fostering this jovial, funny, and playful interaction between friends and how this would look like across age groups!

Photo of Meenu M Pillai

Thanks a lot Naylee Nagda 
Hope you are doing well.
The idea is to create social media/platform which enables connecting and interacting with friends without loosing its human touch. It is more than posting images and sharing thoughts. It will allow the user for socializing with friends and preer group with all the Funtime and activities.
By considering current situation remote learning and social distancing impacting the relations in different age groups specially the relations formed during school days. Meeting friends and grouping, funny and playful interactions in controlled environments like school or classrooms is aimed to recreate digitally.

Photo of Meenu M Pillai

Naylee Nagda also want to mention that. The social media/platform is going to be connected with their class room/school. Leisure time, break time, Group activities, Participating in extracurricular activities and many more. Capturing the real school experience and converting it to digital platform without loosing its originality.

Photo of Meenu M Pillai

Naylee Nagda I would like to understand your thoughts based on this Idea. Kindly share your thoughts.