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Ask the educators!

Ask the educators what they recommend be done to make these transformations & improvements.

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Tell us about your idea

Use a crowdsourcing program like the one created by Crowdicity (now part of Medalia) to ask the educators - all those in the field & trenches - what they think/recommend can be done to transform & improve education so it works for ALL students.  Educators are tired of hearing from "experts" (even those in their field, who have never taught before, but joined a policy organization, non-profit, etc), government leaders who have no experience teaching, policy wonks, etc.  As so many parents are admitting now TEACHING IS A HARD JOB & TEACHERS SHOULD GET PAID MUCH MORE!  That's a recognition for all the things we do, everyday.  So much of great teaching is relational and emotional, along w/ academic know-how and creativity.  Ask us how we blend that together to create awesome curricula, while managing a classroom of 25+ kids effectively, navigate all the "demands" from admins, parents & schools.  We'll share the insider tips, tidbits, and suggestions that come from being on the front lines, and what we think would make our jobs easier and more effective for everyone involved!

What part(s) of the pre-COVID school system do you wish to leave in the past? Why?

Most of it. Rote learning especially. The lack of lessons that call for critical thinking from ALL students!

Tell us a little bit about yourself and what inspired you to share this idea.

Been a teacher, teacher of teachers, consultant to schools, tutor, learning specialist....for the past 35 years.  Love and treasure the innate curiosity of individuals, and whatever I'm doing as an educator I tap into that, and provide the scaffolding to help that innate desire and ability grow and flourish.  I use a wide array of materials, technology, stories, imagery, etc to pull out &/or convey complex ideas, so students can understand the material, and then do something effective with it.  

What region are you located in?

  • North America

Where are you located?

Boston area.


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Photo of Virginia Brackett

I strongly agree with you, Joan, that ALL education "stakeholders" must be included in a revision of traditional education - teachers, tutors, substitutes, parents, students - yes, students! - administrators and community players, such as museums and libraries. Each has a different experience upon which to draw, and all are vital to championing the Post-COVID education era.

Photo of Joan Blanusa

Hi, I probably agree w/ you on most points. But what I'm more interested in is the vehicle that can capture all this info, and use it effectively, so it's not just a "mish-mash". I explicitly mentioned Crowdicity because I'm aware of how effective it is as a crowdsourcing platform to help us sift the wheat from chaff, direct & connection suggestions to where these ideas would take route, all the while understanding the interrelationships of all these players (the groups you've mentioned). We need a design system that can handle all that. I'm not in favor of a brainstorming hotpot of great ideas, and just leaving it at that. We need an effective design system that can work w/ all the players in this endeavor, and proportionally evaluate their role in relation to others, so we get a clearer sense of how the power dynamics, relevance to the roles, etc. interact. That's why I proposed a crowdsourcing system I respect. I'm totally open to others. BUT I'm on this page because I value design systems.

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