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All In One virtual school

Creating a full virtual school with practical labs and interactive activities.

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  • Individual who is interested in solving problems

Tell us about your idea

So what about mimicking everything that happens in an actual physical school, into a virtual one?

My idea is about a desktop and mobile app, the student has to login to the app through a portal, inserting his id, password, and the school he is enrolled in, and when he successfully log in, he is redirected to the playground (or lobby).

The playground: 
The playground is the place where the idle students and teachers can meet, they can have a private chat, private group chat, phone and video calls, and play built in games(light weight ones, like cards or chess...etc).

From the playground they can enter the main building, gym, ...etc.

The Gym:
The gym is the place where students and teachers can take care of their physical health, it consists of some home workouts recorded videos, for different exercises, cardiovascular, yoga, stretching...etc. In addition to scheduled classes for students/teachers to join some additional exercises live with an instructor.

The Main Building:
The main building consists of different floors, the student/teacher will select the floor where his class or lab exists, and then the student/teacher can enter the class(e.g: class 203 which is in the second floor).

When the student selects the floor, he is directed to number of classes and labs names which exists in this specific floor, and then he selects either a class or a lab.

The Class:
The class differs if the user is a student or a teacher.
First, if the user is a teacher; he/she will be directed to a page consists of an interactive white board can be accessed only by the teacher or anyone else who have the permission. And a slideshow window, for the teacher to present his/her presentation. In addition to another options can be introduced in and out of the screen, for example an option that shows who from the students are inside the class.

Second, if the user is a student, Almost the same windows will appear for him as the teacher, but with difference in some permissions options, and  accessibility of each window options.

The Lab:
The lab is the place where the students can demonstrate what they took in the classes. In my opinion, almost everything can be simulated, maybe subject can be little hard to simulate, but doable, so the lab will be a simulated environment for the student to learn how things is supposed to work in the real life environment. 

What part(s) of the pre-COVID school system do you wish to leave in the past? Why?

The types of exams that requires the student to study well to succeeded, regardless he understood the course or no.

Tell us a little bit about yourself and what inspired you to share this idea.

I am a humble engineer from Egypt working in the field of super computers and high performance computers as a systems engineer, but I love to solve real life problems to make the world a better place, and help in the evolution of the humanity.

What region are you located in?

  • Northern Africa

Where are you located?

I am located in Alexandria city, Egypt


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Thank you for sharing this idea, @Hassan Saeed . I appreciate the detail you have provided for what a virtual school could be. It would be interesting to get some teacher and student feedback on your idea, and how they might experience it. Did you see the post on Empathy Insights From Student Surveys & Interviews ? Your post also made me wonder what else supercomputing technology affords that is not currently possible in the physical environment but would support student learning. Thank you!

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